“Russia & China Will Start World War three” – Elon Musk’s Threatening Warning

Russia and China will start a world war, got a threatening warning from Elon Musk We will answer these questions and find out the latest news about Musk’s thoughts about the future of our world economy ecology.

Russia will talk about China on Ukraine conflict, no one wants world war three high tech and Elon Musk in almost every field of science and technology We and Russia have always been competitive.

Although stuff gets a little crazy, not to worry as there is no animosity between them but the vibes are not cool. It is no secret that Elon Musk is famous for his technical ability so Russia is a little jealous of his success. Is.

He’s trying to make things less exciting and Musk is threatening them in response to the Chinese alien Mini. Stree spokesman Wong Winden said on Tuesday that no one wants to see the outbreak of World War III and that China supports a settlement of the conflict in Ukraine through diplomacy.

All sides must first support dialogue and negotiations to prevent further escalation of the conflict. Europe and the world are paying a big price Elon Musk says it won’t be easy for Russia and China to take out the Starling satellites.

If he tried Elon Musk he reacted quickly when Ukraine’s digital minister asked him to send the Starling system because Russia attacked the country.

In an interview with Mathias Dofner, CEO Axel Springer, the founder of Insider’s parent company SpaceX and Tesla, discussed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s space travel and what motivates humans in particular.

A potential threat would be if the Starling satellites were targeted by Russia and China muskets. Said it was interesting to see the anti-satellite demonstrations in Russia a few months back.

Beyond this conflict it caused a lot of conflict for satellite operators, there was even some threat to the space station where Russian cosmonauts are, he said, adding that the Starlink satellite system would allow an elite Ukrainian drone unit to destroy Russian weapons. helping in.

Insider previously reported that the system ensures drone teams can function, whether there is a lack of internet or electricity, but Musk warned Starlink users in Ukraine that they should only turn to the system when needed.

Because they could be targeted in the ongoing war, according to Musk, it would be challenging to take out the satellites. You try to take out Starlink it’s not easy because there are 2000 satellites they said it means.

A lot of anti-satellite missiles I hope we don’t have to test it, but I think we can launch satellites faster than they should.

In an interview with Dofner Musk, may launch anti-satellite missiles, said – it was necessary that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be stopped, I think the US government has done more than people realized.

But it’s not very public yet, he said he continued, but it’s important to do something serious, we can’t let Putin take over Ukraine, it’s crazy not only China is abandoning Elon Musk but he’s holding a pose also gives.

Threat to Russia Russia for example became one of the few countries without internet from Elon Musk Russia has joined a group of countries that do not plan to provide Starling satellite internet services from US company SpaceX.

This was reported by Space News. The portal list includes Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and on July 14, Venezuela, becoming the last country so far to have passed Elon on July 8. Musk has allowed the operation of satellite Internet.

SpaceX has submitted an application for the deployment of satellite Internet. The National Communications Commission of Georgia Internet access for the country should be opened by the end of May in 2023.

Starlink had approximately 500 000 reg. The beta version of Starlink Internet service was launched in late 2020 to users in about 30 states, it is offered to customers in the USA.


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