Scientists around the world are surprised by Elon Musk’s cheapest battery.

Scientists around the world are amazed by Elon Musk’s cheapest battery that is set to revolutionize the EV industry. It has the potential to reduce the cost of EVs by up to 40%. This is unbelievable because Elon’s new cheap battery is a game changer Elon Musk’s Tesla is widely known as a battery powerhouse.

EV manufacturers are always improving their battery technology. But facing the problem of the high cost of cobalt and lithium that is used in their lithium ion batteries but now there is a reason to smile but the Austin based company has finally developed a super battery that is so cheap yet So effective Elon’s latest technology has taken the ewe industry by storm and even engineers and scientists can’t believe it.

There’s no doubt that cheap batteries are a game in the eve industry. That would be the changer you know. With the invention you can expect the price of electric vehicles to replace batteries. Significantly lowering is the most expensive component in an electric car, to be more precise, a battery can cost half as much as an electric car.

The price of an electric car has dropped significantly even before the cheap battery. We’ll look at the cheapest batteries on the market. It’s up to us to take a quick look at each type of battery, as Tesla cars are lithium-ion like all other EV makers. Uses battery. Are the same batteries used in our smartphones and laptops?

Tesla will eventually switch from lithium-ion batteries to a lot of failures to begin with. This type of lithium-ion battery has a battery attached that has a cathode. It is made of cobalt very expensive metals such as magnesium and lithium. Prices of these metals are very high because it is too expensive to mine and process.

Lithium-ion batteries have always been a major obstacle to Elon’s goal of making all cars on the road electric, so they need to be very affordable for the world to adopt fully priced electric vehicles. A quick transition to the production and consumption of sustainable energy based on batteries can only be accelerated by very cheap batteries.

Given the increasing popularity of EVs, you can only expect an increase in the price of EVs. With any increase in demand resulting in an increase in the price of batteries, which gives them technical genius, Elon Musk noticed these changes ahead of time and decided to mitigate the problem of rising battery prices. Made cheap battery which is expected to solve the problem.

Given its dominance in the EV industry over the past few years, with Elon’s Tesla coming up with new battery technology, Tesla is set to bring it to the world in the second quarter of 2022. 310 048 EV While its closest rival Rivian built only 22 554 vehicles there is no need to talk about GM, only managing 56 EVs in the same period leaving Elon Musk and the entire Tesla team at their best.

Extremely proud of the invention Lithium Sulfur Battery Got you right The Lithium Sulfur Battery is the crazy and cheap battery just revealed by Elon Musk and his Tesla company. Cheaper because it uses sulfur as the cathode in contrast to the lithium-ion battery which uses the very expensive cobalt metal as the cathode.

In other words Tesla has significantly reduced the cost of the battery. Given the elimination of cobalt, which is a very expensive low material, the abundance of sulfur makes lithium sulfur batteries extremely cheap. Sulfur is the 10th most abundant element and is found in the Earth’s crust, in the ocean, in meteorites and practically in the atmosphere. is found. All Plants and Animals The amazing technology of cheap lithium sulfur batteries was jointly developed by Dr. Ulrich Ames of Tesla and Elon.

Which have a rich history of developing batteries. Also a board member of a major research institute sponsored by the German Ministry of Research. Apart from its affordable price, the Lithium Sulfur battery comes with other great qualities that make it the battery of choice. Better storage to start with. Which will enable it to triple the range of EVs.

This is a very attractive feature for Eevee owners who will travel relatively long distances without charging their battery, but even if you charge the battery, it has better charging capabilities. , it is reported that the battery. Can charge from 10 to 80 percent in about 25 minutes which is amazing if you are in the US then charging should not happen.

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