Several news organizations go silent on Twitter after Elon Musk adds ‘government-funded media’ label to some accounts

Some news associations went quiet on Twitter after Elon Musk added the ‘public authority supported media’ imprint to certain records.

NPR and PBS quit tweeting from their records after Twitter hailed them as “government-sponsored”. WBUR, Hawaii Public Radio and LAist said they support NPR and have quit utilizing Twitter.

Elon Musk’s decision to mark specific news associations on Twitter as “government subsidized media” has provoked different outlets to denounce the stage.

Twitter on Sunday added the names to some media accounts, including NPR and the BBC.

Following a meeting with a BBC journalist on Tuesday, Musk changed the name of the BBC’s Twitter record to “openly supported media” instead of “government-subsidised”.


NPR’s “Administration Supported” mark remains. The organization said that it has stopped tweeting from its 52 Twitter channels. President John Lansing said Twitter’s actions were “deeply harmful and set a dangerous trend”.

The Twitter outcry has undoubtedly prompted four other news organizations to go silent on Musk’s foundation.


The Public Telecommunications Administration, a US telecaster, told Axios it stopped sharing posts from its Twitter account after the name “public authority-funded media” was added to its records at the end of the week.

PBS has not tweeted from its primary records since April 8.


WBUR president Margaret Low, who is an NPR member from Boston, said Power Source was patient with NPR and would drop the postings on Twitter. Lo said Twitter is “in the wrong direction” for calling out NPR subsidized by the government.

WBUR’s Keep Going Tweet shared data on Wednesday about where customers can track its work.


LAist, an outlet focused on Los Angeles news, tweeted Wednesday that it upheld NPR’s decision to stop using its Twitter accounts and said it would do the same.

LEIST wrote another tweet the same day, saying that Lansing’s comment that leaving Twitter would preserve the legitimacy of NPR.

Hawaii Public Radio

Another media association that will never tweet again is Hawaii Public Radio. It said in a clarification that Twitter designating NPR as endorsed by a public authority “continues to suggest a publishing relationship with our administration that does not exist.”

Canadian telecommunications company

The Canadian Telecom Company, or CBC, said on April 17 that it was halting its movement on Twitter on Monday after Virtual Entertainment Stage labeled it “government-funded media”.

The CBC tweeted, “Our reporting is fair and independent. In any case the recommendation is wrong.”

Twitter chief Elon Musk renamed CBC on the virtual entertainment platform a “69% government-subsidized media” after seeing a Twitter string exposing the telecaster’s monetary reports. This shows that the news source receives 70% of its subsidy from the Government of Canada.

Musk tweeted Monday night, “Canadian Telecom Corp said they are ‘70% government funded’ so we revised the mark.”

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