SpaceX Unveils Partnership with T-Mobile.

SpaceX Unveils Partnership with T-Mobile Partnered with Us to Make These Dreams the World’s Most Sophisticated and Advanced Space Organization SpaceX and Elon Musk Living in SpaceX’s Star base Test Site It’s a Big Announcement That’s in Texas was the first to take the stage, explaining why the two companies are partnering in an effort to bring wireless connectivity to the US and beyond.

A Look at the Announcement Settling Matters In our industry’s more than 40-year history, this partnership has a vision that is the end of the mobile dead zone. Our country is actually the fourth largest country in the world at over 500,000 square miles of land. Also open by cellular network and it is important for security it is important for communication with the people we love but honestly it is important for all of us and so this partnership is about envisioning a different future is in.

Imagine a future where you have a clear view of the sky. You’re connected to your mobile phone because T-Mobile has a technology partnership between T-Mobile that dedicates a piece to it band PCS spectrum that will be integrated into Starlinked satellites launching next year, our vision becomes that you can use your existing one to connect to the phone which is incredible because it’s like putting a cellular tower in the sky Is.

It’s tough and that’s why we’re here with the world experts at SpaceX and so it’s something that we’ll be entering beta from next year, we believe, as of late Nex Messaging MMS and even That messaging apps have also been around for years. With your current phone, you can connect to and out of reach of any cellular network. We’re going after data on vast stretches of territorial waters from Puerto Rico to Hawaii and even vast parts of the world’s oceans.

There is no company in the world that I have invited SpaceX engineer Elon Musk from the T-Mobile CEO podium to partner with us as a dedicated and advanced space organization. Leaders SpaceX and Elon Musk have two technical experts. An interesting move. Elon addressed a team of experts from companies who want to know how this technology will save lives, to explain it.

It’s unbelievable to have read about someone who says go hiking and got lost and probably died of thirst or trace exposure or someone who got caught in a blizzard and died of starvation, you know that You could be stuck on a desert island and talk basketball, but now you can call for help, so I think what we’re announcing today is a really deep talk.

There is life and we will no longer read about these tragedies where people were lost and it would be nice if they could call for help. So I think what we’re doing here will greatly improve people’s convenience and it will be life saving, so it’s a huge meal. Yes, the interesting thing with T-Mobile and SpaceX technology is that it will work whether your cell phone is in your pocket or in your car. As an engineer, it took Elon some time to explain how the new technology would work.

If you’re wondering what technology is needed to make this work and you have a vision to actually make it work, take a look when you see the giant ears on satellites and the powerful antennas of such large antennas.  I need a lot of satellites for you and but that’s what we have with the stalled gen 2 satellites so it’s a perfect addition to the Starlink satellites and um as I said we are incredible to lead this revolutionary We are excited by T’s new technology.

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