Tampa Bay Buccaneers preview vs. Dallas Cowboys.

We’re Officially in Week One of the NFL Season as the Buccaneers Will Play Later Tonight Bruce heads to replace Arian after the Ali Marpet departure of the Free Agents. Huh. The drama surrounding Gronk’s retirement from the role of a mentor and Tom Brady led to leaks about his plans to join the Dolphins and then his absence from the team that now appears to be due to personal issues at home.

There is a lot for our team to unpack. The Buccaneers will begin their season against the Dallas Cowboys in a primetime game later tonight. Last year, we started our season against the same team, and it proved to be a nail-biter in the first game as we barely won 31-29 against the Cowboys.

Dak Prescott threw over 400 yards in last year’s edition of the game and will have to be a focal point for Tampa Bay to control their passing game this year. A big gap for the Cowboys this year is the loss of Amari Cooper, who was his team’s lead receiver in last year’s game against us and was second on his team for the year.

Trading Cooper for the Browns was a questionable move as it certainly takes a dynamic playmate away from his team, although their lead receiver CD Lamb has plenty to continue loading last year with Michael Gallup and rookie Jalen. was. , , For accepting. Tolbert.

Helping them will be the efficiency of Duck Prescott, who had the fourth-highest completion percentage in the league last season, which will certainly be surpassed by his receiver. Our corners will have to be aggressive on the line and throw our receivers out of our way to give our line some more time to press on the post leading to less accurate passes.

Carlton Davis, Jamel Dean and Sean Murphy-Bunting will all be very busy in this Dallas offense who loves to pass the ball. Our run defense should really be in effect again this year, even with the loss of Ndamakong Suh as we still have a place in the middle of Vita Way and one of the best linebacker groups in the game .

In terms of our offense, we need to know where Micah Parsons stands in every single play. Parsons is a game changer who can easily catch a passerby, get back into coverage, and sniff the ball carrier before they can even make it to the line of scrimmage.

This guy is aggressive and has a lot of influence on the game, so we definitely need to make sure he is responsible for that. The Cowboys defense forced more turnovers last year than any other team in the league, including four fumbles and two interceptions when we last played them, so focus on the ball this time around. it will be necessary to do

A lot of it starts with Trayvon Diggs the Dallas cornerback who led the league in interceptions last year. One thing to note though is that Diggs was forced to trade a lot, but he found himself giving over a thousand for a ton of yards last year, earning him a huge reward.

Diggs was able to pick Brady last year, so it will be up to Tom and his receivers to reduce Diggs’ risk and his reward this year. Another key part of Sunday night’s success will have to come with a balanced attack on the Cowboys. Tampa ran the most 7th yards in the league last year, and if we can respect the one-run threat to Dallas, that should slow the rush of their deadly passes and grabbing their blocks off our offensive line. needed. the wanted. the wanted. the wanted. Must take some pressure. long.

The Cowboys Rush defense ranks 8th worst in the league in terms of opposition per carry and it is something that Leonard Fournette will need to capitalize on to really impact the game this year. Overall I think we are in another very close game this first week of the season and I can’t wait to break the hopeful win with you guys.

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