Taylor Swift announces new album ‘Midnights’ after VMAs 2022 speech.

Taylor Swift announced at the 2022 MTV VMAs on Sunday that she has a new album out in October.

I figured it very well may be a great second to let you know that my fresh out of the box new collection is coming out October 21. The 32-year-old vocalist said while tolerating the Video of the Year grant.

Then she teased, I’ll tell you more at midnight before announcing the aptly titled title of her upcoming project: Midnights.

We wake up in turmoil and weep in love and fear. We gaze at the walls and drink until they talk back, she composed close by a picture of the collection cover.

We are locked in our own made cages and pray that at this time we are not right to make some fatal mistake which is life changing.

Swift revealed that her new album is A Journey Through Terror and Sweet Dreams, a collection written in the middle of the night.

Taylor Swift reported her impending collection, “Midnights,” after the VMAs.

Before making the jaw-dropping announcement, Swift posted an official countdown on her website saying Meet me at midnight under the ticking clock.

Although many fans thought the Look What You Made Me Do songwriter hinted throughout the show she would re-release her 2017 album, “Reputation Next”.

He teased the new project for the first time while accepting Video of the Year at the 2022 VMAs.

Tolerating the honor for Best Longform Video during Sunday’s entertainment ceremony, Swift let fans know that the success was “a sign we’ve accomplished something right a line her Swiftie knows generally excessively well.

One Twitter user noted the song’s similarity to Swift’s “Prestige” song, “Call It What You Want”, in which she repeats, “I did one thing right.”

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