Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk calls Moody’s ‘irrelevant’. Here’s why ?

In a tendency to tweet hilarious and sometimes controversial statements most of the time, Elon Musk today responded to a tweet saying ‘Moody’s is irrelevant.

On September 3, the CEO of Tesla Inc. casually reacted to a series of tweets about Moody’s downgrading Tesla’s rating. This is not the first time Moody and Elon Musk have been in discussions together.

Earlier in 2018, Moody’s downgraded Tesla’s rating. This year, in April, they were planning to downgrade Twitter’s ratings when Musk was planning to acquire the social media platform.

Renowned financial YouTuber Dave Lee tagged Musk while attaching a photo, which was tweeted by a Twitter user Alexandra Merz. Alexandra received a mail response from Rene, one of Moody’s employees.

René mailed the reasons for the low rating to Tesla Inc. and suggested how the rating could be upgraded for the company.

She says the accompanying via the post office reaction:
There are specific considerations for upgrading Tesla Inc.’s rating. Concerns are of a qualitative nature and not of a quantitative nature. If Tesla will have a wider vehicle line-up, that would be considered a positive development.

Rene keeps on giving suggestions to upgrade the rating; Says this is possible only when Tesla. Expands its global footprint and maintains a solid global competitive presence. Maintains excellent liquidity with superior product breadth, consistent and prudent financial policy, adequate liquidity.

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