Tesla Semi makes appearance at Tesla’s largest Supercharging station

The now-famous Cheetos-branded Tesla Semi made an appearance at the Tesla Takeover event at Harris Ranch, one of Tesla’s first supercharging stations.

Today’s Tesla Takeover Event is put together by several Tesla Owners Clubs in Southern California. Tesla owners from across the state attended the event, held at the world’s largest 98-stall charging station, according to event organizers. Now it’s getting even more attention because a Cheetos-branded Tesla Semi has appeared at the event.

The Tesla Semi is one of the incredible Tesla vehicles that appeared at the event, but it’s definitely one of the most unique cars.

The appearance of the Tesla Semi, while certainly not unique, shows that the truck still has a significant amount of cultural cache that Frito-Lay is willing to capitalize on. Not only has the food company used the vehicle as a prime example of its efforts to reduce carbon, but it has also shown that it can be an effective marketing tool in its own right.

At this point, although Frito-Lay has gotten closer to at least 40 cm, Tesla still has a significant production ramp up if it hopes to capture the same market share as major brands like Peterbilt and Freightliner. Be that as it may, on account of Tesla’s unfathomably growing Nevada office where the truck is made, the American automaker is going in the correct heading.

Perhaps more excitingly, it follows a series of vehicle sightings of Cheetos-branded Semis equipped with the new LIDAR technology, indicating that Tesla is far from done with innovating on the platform.

Some other unique Teslas that appeared were a set of Tesla Roadsters, several “bagged” Tesla Model 3s, and more plaid vehicles than many people could imagine.


Tesla’s unique cultural significance became apparent with the release of the Tesla Semi. Thanks to its groundbreaking innovation and offbeat design, the Semi has captured the attention of both average consumers and fanatics. Hopefully, the truck can be a wake-up call for other automakers as they look to electrify in the years to come.

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