Tesla’s crazy new phone is a game changer.

Elon’s Tesla revolutionized the entire car industry. His Boring Company made tunneling more possible than ever before, and SpaceX single-handedly created the world of privately owned space exploration. His achievements knew no bounds. Recently there have been rumors that the tech giant is eyeing another industry that he wants to change.

If he does it will affect every single one of our lives that true rumors are not only swirling but also starting to come from major sources that Tesla is out to make a phone unlike any other. The second one is called pyphone which will work on mars, sahara has 5g level internet and will be able to change its color but does tesla really have a shot at making this phone.

This will be the world’s current technology leader. How the Apple iPhone compares to the one you’re using and much more is in this video, so if you want to learn more and take a look at its history and background with its 2007 release Since with both competitors in the hands of Steve Jobs, some might say that the Elon Musk of its era has become the most revolutionary technology ever, from the use of touch screens to cameras, the iPhone.

The technology is a direct result of improvements in modern Internet services and common UI and design choices seen in modern phones, and more than a decade after they were released, they did so with sales of nearly 200 million units in the past year. continue to do. Seems to be going strong while apple makers are the world’s most original.

Young has become a company whose net worth is more than most countries in the world and so when we say that there is some great competition in the iphone we mean it but it doesn’t mean that Elon has iphone up its sleeve on the surface Is. It looks like Python is going to have a tough time due to its youth and startup-like nature, although the whole background where it comes from is nothing short of impressive.

Has revolutionized industries and continues to do so. And a man who could change the entire car industry, which lasts more than seven times as long as a smartphone, when he decides to go mobile and one more thing we find different from Elon’s expertise is just There may be a wave. Can make more He can store vast amounts of resources in this phone, lest we forget that the man has been the richest man in the world.

Elon’s expertise draws on technical knowledge from all the different areas in which their companies operate and the resources they have together give us the perfect background to be able to build the next generation of mobile telephone technology for Tesla and So now go ahead with the background covered by the exact features and features that differentiate the two companies and their offerings.

Let’s talk about the most important thing about any phone To start the design let’s move on to the iPhone now, I don’t think I’m among you. One needs to explain what an iPhone looks like, they used to be a round rectangle with a rectangular screen and a round home button and now they almost look like a round rectangle with a full screen and a long notch.

Although anyone who uses an iPhone can tell you that the most distinguishing feature is the detail and depth. Their focus on quality such as the aluminum sides in the iPhone 13 is a frosted glass back and diamond cut details, all of which make for an awesome hand feel and durability, but let’s just say the Pie is not only standard stuff in the phone, it’s rumored. There is a back which is covered with small photochromic scales.

Which causes the color to change due to light, this is a design way ahead of apple not only in the display but the pi phone is also rumored to have a full screen display with a camera hidden under the screen and selfies through the display In order to take and finish the physical features let’s talk about the camera in this department that has dominated apple for a long time, pi phone rumor has it.

That four camera lens probably allows for more zoom capability than the iPhone 13’s three and while we don’t think it will beat Apple in photo quality, Tesla may be able to integrate its AI technology. That they use for self-driving stuff like object recognition and other features and that brings us to other phone features and software.

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