Tesla’s NEW Phone: Is something different.

Tesla is designing a smartphone called the Model P or Pi, it all started in February 2021 when YouTube channel ADR Studio uploaded a video titled Tesla Model P Concept.

So is there any truth to this rumor and if so what could we expect from this new Tesla smartphone First of all it makes sense to ask before I go into phone specs.

As to whether it would make sense for a company like Tesla that focused solely on building eclectic vehicles to make smartphones.

It makes sense when you look at Tesla in isolation, but when you consider Elon’s overall vision with all of its companies. Let me explain from the beginning what Elon has always said.

He focuses on three important civilizations that define the problems of Internet access, sustainable energy and space exploration. Now I know the idea of ​​a personal communication.

Nicer seems out of place in the midst of these big efforts, but think about whether Elon can put at least two of these concepts together—internet access and sustainable energy in one phone.

Which would be a perfect recipe for the generation that defines products like the iPhone. 15 years ago there was a phone that could access information anywhere on the planet without any connectivity hassle using the Starlink network.

SpaceX is already hard at work and has a phone that could harness renewable energy and better battery technology to deliver to its users.

If not infinitely better energy efficient performance both the technologies that Tesla is currently working on and since the processor display and camera performance is at its peak on all smartphones.

A topic I’ve discussed extensively in my own right is why I think the iPhone 14 would be a bad buy. Manufacturers and inventors would need to merge the two technologies to bring about some radical change in the smartphone industry. could.

I think maybe Elon can quickly take over the smartphone market from apple and bring about the next revolution, I won’t put it in front of him, so now I’ve established.

It makes sense for Tesla to enter the smartphone market. Let’s examine the alleged features of this new phone Model P or Pi, at this time the Tesla Model P is nothing but a concept.

Elon never came out and said nothing about a smartphone or whether it was actually designed for a phone like this. There is a project going on.

Though as a tech junkie it’s always fun to speculate and even more fun to imagine if Tesla was secretly working on a smartphone concept.

In all fairness this new phone’s features 2021 YouTube video by ADR Studio wasn’t the first time I heard of Tesla’s plans to enter the smartphone industry, in fact in 2013 there were reports that Tesla was working on a phone. Used to be.

But as we all know the phone never saw the light of day and the project was eventually scrapped, but ADR’s clever video created a stir on the internet in a year and a half.

With experts speculating about the alleged specifications of the new Tesla phone, what those features could be, the phone looks very similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the video with a few key differences.

Firstly the camera module is completely different. It has four cameras arranged in a square similar to the Galaxy S20 Ultra except that it is placed at the center of the rear case.

Which led many experts to believe that the space inside could be adapted to fit a larger and better battery pack or advanced communications module, although a four-camera setup is nothing new, with many suggesting Have given.

The Tesla Model P’s cameras will probably perform more complex tasks than just taking pictures, for example they might work in conjunction with Tesla’s FSD software and act as a second set of eyes for Tesla’s AI neural nets. Huh.

For those who actively learn what a phone user looks for to perform custom tasks, I know it sounds like a long shot, but think briefly about what a Tesla car is. Uses its cameras and sensors to learn.

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