Tesla’s new Ultra Red color side-by-side with old Multicoat

Tesla announced the inclusion of an Ultra Red color scheme for its Model S and Model X vehicles, and we get a good look at the differences alongside the old multi-coat.

Tesla has long offered five colors in its vehicle lineup, and many people, even executives, have called for additional options to be made available. Finally, Tesla rolled out a new color for those who ordered the Model S and Model X, and it’s already showing up at the Fremont factory.

KW obtained the first real-world images of the new Ultra Red color, and there are certainly clear differences between it and the previously introduced Multi-Coat Red. It is definitely deep but not quite burgundy. Instead, it’s just a deep, rich hue that appears to offer more depth than the previous offering.

Personally, I think the new Ultra Red offers more depth than the previous colour, which was the company’s most premium offering but still relatively basic. The new paint could be a significant improvement over Tesla’s paint shop in Fremont, which has been a major weak point for the company.


tesla ultra red


However, Tesla has launched the new Ultra Red paint option for Model S and Model X globally for all markets. Here’s the list of prices of the Tesla Ultra Red paint in different countries and regions:

  • Canada – $4,000
  • Europe – €3,200
  • China – ¥25,000 (~$3,600 USD)
  • UK – Price not yet available

Interestingly, the estimated delivery date for the Model S and X does not change when the Ultra Red exterior color option is selected. For the US, the estimated delivery date remains in Mar 2023. For China, it is Q2 2023, and for Europe Tesla says it would be Apr – June 2023.

Ultra Red vs. Red Multi-Coat

I have compiled some images taken from the Tesla Model S website for a visual comparison of the new Ultra Red color and the now-discontinued Red Multicoat.

Let us know which color is better in your opinion in the comments section below.

Tesla Model S in the old Red Multicoat color (top) and in the new Ultra Red color (bottom).

The new Ultra Red Model S and Model X is a darker shimmering color compared to the old Red Multi-Coat which is brighter and flat as we can see in the pictures above and below.

The above pictures of the Model S are taken from the Tesla Model S website’s new and old homepages which are real-life photos. Comparison photos below are taken from the Tesla Model S online car configurator which are computer renders of the vehicle.

Ultra Red looks somewhat close to the Midnight Cherry Red that Tesla introduced in Europe and the Middle East last year (only available on Giga Berlin-made Model Y SUVs).

Tesla most probably upgraded the paint shop at its Fremont car factory in California which is the only Tesla factory manufacturing Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tesla Model S in the new Ultra Red color (top) and in the old Red Multicoat paint (below).
Rear and side view profile of a Tesla Model S in the new Ultra Red color (top) and in the old Red Multicoat paint (bottom).
This new paint tone replaces the past red multi-coat choice that was presented on these vehicles and is as yet accessible for the Model 3 and Model Y in different areas.

A few months back Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen hinted at new paint colors coming to North America.

The new colors many were expecting include Midnight Cherry Red and the new Giga Berlin exclusive color of Quicksilver.

However, this new ‘Ultra Red’ looks more like Midnight Cherry Red than Red Multi-Coat.

The new color appears to be a bit lighter than Midnight Cherry Red, but the red is much deeper than the multi-coat paint. Midnight Cherry Red uses multiple layers of paint (up to 13) which we’re told is only possible at Giga Berlin. Tesla may be trying to achieve a Midnight Cherry Red look with Ultra Red, but is working with the limits of the Fremont paint shop.

While the new color is currently only available for the Model S and Model X, it’s possible that it could spread to the Model 3 and Model Y as well.

Tesla is all about being able to mass produce efficiently, so we don’t see Teslas in three different red color options for a long time. We’ll likely see Tesla consolidate the Midnight Cherry Red and Ultra Red options in the future.

The new paint color costs an additional $3,000 USD for the Model S and Model X.

The news of this new paint color comes after a rumor that Tesla’s next-gen platform may not use paint, instead opting for the Cybertruck’s stainless steel look.

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