Thanos Uncle is officially the eternal version of Satan.

The Eternals just revealed how they view one of their most dangerous members as Thanos’ deadly ancestor Uranos was directly compared to Satan and for good reason.

In a new preview for Death to the Mutants the Eternals plan how to take down Druig and his mighty army. When Ikaris suggests that they are taking a stand against injustice Fastos says he is playing things down referring to Uranos as the devil and calling him a big problem for the heroes.

Uranos the Undying is the Grand-Uncle of Thanos whose genocidal actions imprisoned him for hundreds of thousands of years for being ostracized by his fellow Eternals.

Although freeing his way with a faction of Eternity after learning the real cost of being Eternal the Druig is freeing his forces against the new Prime-Eternal X-Men after learning that they are using the Extra Divergence.

His principal weapon against the X-Men is Uranos who wiped out Arko within an hour killing thousands of mutants in what can only be described as genocide. Against the Druig trying to stop the Eternal Uranos Referring to the villain as his version of Satan.

In a new preview by Kieron Gillan Guiu Villanova Dizzo Lima and Travis Lanham of Marvel Comics’ VC for Death to the Mutants the Eternals fleeing Lemuria plan their next move as the druid declares death to all mutants.

Ikaris suggests that the team continue to fight against injustice but Faustos whose actions eventually free Uranos says he needs to make sure he knows what Thanos’ deadliest ancestor will do next by summoning Satan. .

Eternal people may believe they have as much in control as they can but with Uranos wreaking havoc on the Immortal Earth and the now awakened Celestial seeking justice for its people bringing peace to the planet will not be easy.

The Eternal Version of Satan will of course make things more difficult as Thanos’ deadliest ancestor wants to kill all those who are not Eternal which means that even if Heavenly Judgment Day spares humans and mutants there will still be cosmic heroes There is a carnage monster to deal with. A.X.E. Death to Mutants by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores Wednesday.

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