The Apple iPhone is just out of the phone competition of Elon Musk’s new model Pi phone.

The Apple iPhone has just been knocked out of the phone competition by Elon Musk’s new model Pi phone. The phone comes with some of the most breathtaking features better than the latest iPhone.

The new phone that destroyed the recent Apple iPhone Apple and Tesla have a long history of competition between the best companies in Silicon Valley, as both use the latest technologies.

Will spare no pain to make just the best product they can get. But guess what, this time apple has lost its own game. The Tesla CEO just decided to venture into the phone making industry and give it a new lease of energy. As always he doesn’t disappoint.

Musk decided to take his new model phone to a different level of competition. It’s incredible to take Apple off its pedestal because Apple is known for producing the best products in the market.

Which is for crying out loud. As Musk, the world’s largest phone maker, uses an iPhone, it’s easy to note that as his Twitter comments suggest.

He’s texting from an iPhone, but the world’s richest billionaire voiced his dissatisfaction with the Apple iPhone in an interview, saying he hates Apple’s auto-correct features, moreover that he said they should be updated. Not liked because people get better for phones every year.

I’m an iPhone user, but I think some recent update definitely isn’t feeding. At that point it broke my email system which is pretty fundamental. Maybe these are just some of the reasons why Musk decided to build a new phone. inspired to think.

It has done that. The Model Pi phone comes with a sleek and slim design which gives it a well deserved finish. The back cover is made of a hard material which is harder than the back cover of apple so it can withstand hard falls. In this case it is less likely to break.

Phone drops are a common thing. What’s better than having a phone now and then that you don’t have to worry about falling to the ground, many would certainly consider the Model Pi over Apple’s iPhone for this feature.

Apart from this, the back cover of the Tesla Model Pi phone has some more exciting features that Apple’s iPhone Tesla’s Model Pi lacks, including some photo color features on the back of the phone.

As the phone will be able to change color every 30 minutes when exposed to light at certain angles it will be able to camouflage depends on the environment so you will have a green phone when mowing your lawn and sunbathing when There will be a brown phone.

Many people will like this feature as many people like to wear clothes that match their phone. There will be no need to buy multiple covers. Model Pie has you covered anyhow who wouldn’t like a phone like this.

The Model Pi Made a Step Better Than the Apple iPhone flip to the side.

So you will realize that Model Pi does not have a designated selfie camera area. Apple Selfie Camera has been the subject of complaint for most of the customers, who say that it consumes the real estate of the phone, Tesla Model Pi screen completely uninterrupted Is.

The selfie camera is hidden under the screen making it seamlessly the display camera can only be seen when on video call or selfie plus Tesla has decided to do the same for the fingerprint scanner.

Which is not visible in the designated place visible to the eye unless the phone needs to be unlocked, although this is a simple feature that means a lot to those people.

Those who would appreciate a large uninterrupted real estate Apple is popularly known for its high quality lens that captures chic photos well. LA’s Model Pi is much better than this.

The phone comes with four powerful lenses that can take bright pictures even in low light and the lens can multi-task in new and exciting ways that the Apple iPhone has never imagined for taking and capturing photos.

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