The black man was paralyzed after he was allegedly slammed on concrete by Texas police.

Lawyers and civil rights activists for a black Texas black man are demanding justice after he was allegedly slammed to concrete ground by police officers at a Beaumont Texas prison and paralyzed from the chest down.

On Wednesday, legal counselors for 41-year-old Christopher Shaw facilitated a question and answer session requesting equity for Shaw who was genuinely harmed while in guardianship in June 2021.

According to a lawsuit filed last month Shaw was arrested on June 12, 2021 on charges of public intoxication when Beaumont Police Officer James Gillan found him standing in the middle of the street in need of medical help.

Shaw was then taken to the hospital for evaluation where he was taken to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility in Beaumont where he was held for non-compliance.

Mr. Shaw rotated his body slightly before entering the facility. Litigant Gillan answered by endeavoring to hammer Mr. Shaw onto a concrete platform at the facility’s rear entrance, the suit said.

It is alleged in the trial that he fell on his head and fractured his spine in several places. Shaw sought help from prison staff and staff at CorrHealth the prison’s medical contractor, but they refused to help him, according to the lawsuit.

When Shaw asked a nurse for help, she reportedly told him that I won’t help you unless you help yourself. The trial said Shaw was left alone in a jail cell for about 20 hours before anyone could see him medically.

The lawsuit states that when he was left alone in his cell he found himself defecating and urinating multiple times because of his inability to control his bowel and kidney function.

Just later was a rescue vehicle required her and she was again taken to the clinic where she went through different crisis medical procedures.

Upon his return from the hospital to prison, Mr. Shaw clearly showed signs of paralysis. Mr Shaw was not particularly an ambulance. Mr. Shaw was put on a wheelchair and Mr.The lawsuit states that Mr Shaw was unable to control his lower extremities.

Shaw has since filed suit against Beaumont and CoreHealth City Police Officer James Gillan.

During Wednesday’s question and answer session, Candice Matthews, seat of the statewide guiding panel for Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition, said that we are dealing with America’s chaos.

And that’s exactly what we’re dealing with police brutality. We are working with the Street Police which works on ignorance and authority. And it’s a dangerous combination because the end result is the same as what happened to dear brother Christopher Shaw.

We are managing an absence of responsibility since responsibility makes liability. And that’s why we need to hold our law enforcement accountable enough to hold our officers accountable when wrongdoing has been done.

Speaking to KBMT last September Beaumont Police Chief James Singletary said that although he felt very bad about the injured gentleman, Gillan was just doing his job.

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