The Deshaun Watson settlement brings the suspension saga to an unsatisfactory close.

The only good thing to come after Thursday’s announcement is that Deshan Watson will be suspended 11 games and fined $5 million and undergo evaluation and counseling for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

Below were a few words from the NFL’s statement. Today’s announcement ends the process.11 games weren’t enough noting that there were 24 women who sued Watson alleging sexual misconduct.

Robinson found that the NFL by its definition had proved that they had killed four of those women against whom the cases were brought before him and Commissioner Roger Goodell last week called Watson’s alleged behavior a victim.

The fine is much smaller than the $230 million fully guaranteed contract that the Cleveland Browns imposed on Watson in the spring.

The consultation is hopeful enough because Watson’s Thursday insistence that he is innocent and never sexually harassed or insulted anyone that he was apologizing because there were so many triggers it shows that the settlement is for him and not the remorse.

Watson’s alleged behavior and the nature of Robinson’s search, it is not enough that Watson moved on with his life. Realizing that Brown was so concerned about his ability to receive a massage without incident general manager Andrew Berry said Thursday that the team devised a plan as soon as Watson would receive the massage.

The NFL wanted to move on with its life which is why there is a settlement. The league initially pushed for a full-year suspension and appealed Robinson’s initial six-game suspension while the NFL Players Association wanted little.

This is 11 games more than what Robinson had put in earlier but it is clear that the deal was about to end with Watson and this strange affair was out of the limelight and closed to kickoff at the start of the new season.

If the NFL only enforced the discipline it wanted then the hope was that the union would take the league to court. This is also unsatisfactory but is usually the case with settlements. Neither side gets everything it wants.

Browns coach Kevin Stefansky used words like clarity and certainty. He knows exactly what his quarterback position is. The NFL survives months of being trapped in and out of the courtroom against a player in the past.

One owner remarked during the court case that the league fighting a player in court had left no one except lawyers and their billable hours. Not given and Watson knows what it takes to reinstate it. The big winners may be the public who probably won’t need to talk about Watson or Brown’s owners again for a while.

Owner Jimmy Haslam told reporters on Thursday that he would absolutely trade for Watson again, even knowing everything Cleveland first took the quarterback from Houston in March and took second. Made a passionate argument for those deserving of the opportunity.

He also emphasized what had been clear ever since Brown has chased Watson. It was a play for a long time, and he wants to win the game.

Brown knew there would be some degree of discipline for Watson although he almost certainly didn’t think it would be 11 games. But the bet that Brown made was a cynical one.

Once Watson was on the field his game would be so excellent winning so fast that fans would eventually take note of his alleged behavior.

There is enough evidence from other cases to indicate that this is a correct calculation but it does not comment on the owner who also noted that ticket sales have been great. De Haslam may be the most important point of all Thursdays.

Without saying much she seemed to disagree with Watson’s assessment that she had done nothing wrong. He said that consultation takes a long time which is why the NFL now wants this agreement.

so that Watson can be evaluated by experts who will then take a course of treatment and I think Deshaun is in his own right in the consultation. There will be much more to learn.

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