The Most Powerful Avengers Ever Ranked in the MCU.

The original six stood together in midtown Manhattan to defend the planet against the Chitauri forces of Loki and Thanos. The Avengers have been at the center of pop culture not only to redefine a blockbuster movie but to signify that over the next decade.

From Warner Bros.’s DCEU to Universal’s ill-fated one-film now infamous Dark Universe, everyone in Hollywood is chasing the golden goose of their own successful cinematic universe.

The Avengers themselves remain a mainstay which means that the Avengers and the various heroes involved in the team change and reinvent and rearrange with each passing film.


Along with Thor appears elsewhere in the galaxy Hawkeye and Hulk may be the last men in reference to the original group of Avengers who defended Earth against Loki by this time the following year.

A lot has changed since then including the position of the Hulk within the MCU’s power scale.


One of the newest addition to the ranks of the MCU’s strongest Avengers Shang-Chi, joining this list is contingent on having access to the Ten Rings, an ancient telepathically controlled weapon.

One that has allowed the Mandarin to remain in power for centuries is a weapon that is sending a beacon to an unknown and potentially equally powerful receiver.

Combine that weapon with the world’s greatest martial art and you have a mix of ground skills and other skills that instantly make Shang-Chi one of the mightiest mighty heroes on Earth.


Truly unlocking his potential in Thor, the Ragnarok God of Thunder only goes on to establish himself as one of the most powerful Avengers ever cast in the final Avengers Infinity War battle game. Introduced as a changer.

A game changer that would kill Thanos if he just went for the head. Those top 5 strongest Avengers powers were showcased in the seventh episode of What If.

Captain marvel

Captain Marvel is so powerful that his origin story was strategically located between the Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame movies so as not to disrupt the logic of the movies.

Had Captain Marvel been part of the team that went toe-to-toe with Thanos on Titan, they would have been able to defeat Peter Quill regardless of his short-sighted antics as evidenced by his utter frontline supremacy.

Ant Man

The ability to shrink and expand is not that dangerous especially when compared to the abilities of ancient gods and supernatural aliens. But the case for Scott Lang becomes stronger when the quantum abilities that come with the Ant-Man suit are taken into account.

Ant-Man’s powers similar to Doctor Strange exist in a different realm than those of Iron Man Captain America Spider-Man and even Thor and Captain America. As a common joke within Marvel and fan culture as well, Avengers Infinity War Ant-Man doesn’t just creep into Thanos.

Doctor Strange

After Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness we learned clearly that Strange is not only powerful but a threat to many universes which makes him even more powerful than Thanos destroying universes including Dreamwalk and even That even a dead body has the capacity to live.

Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch’s current status in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is at best summed up while he’s still an avenger.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is currently up for debate over his position as the mightiest of the mightiest heroes on Earth. The only thing more dangerous than an almighty multi-talented man like Doctor Strange who has nothing to lose.


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