The Tesla Cybertruck Is Officially HERE!

Cybertruck Production

The account announced the first Cybertruck built at its Gigafactory in Austin Texas on July 15, with a photo of the team happily carrying a stainless steel pickup.

It’s the first truck built from start to finish using the production line that Tesla has been busy setting up and testing at Giga Texas over the past few months, with Elon confidently claiming at the start of the year that the highly anticipated truck is in production.

Set to begin this summer with the first deliveries expected in late August or early September, meanwhile Tesla watchers have seen parts and prototypes being driven and tested and it was abundantly clear that the company had to No shock was felt. In their new efforts to introduce their stainless steel pickup truck to the world, we’ve seen more than once that it seemed like Tesla was trying barely to hide its progress.

This is a sure sign that things were going really well during the three days. The announcement was posted by the Tesla Twitter account, some leaked shots from inside the factory showed several Cybertruck frames inside a specific assembly area at Giga Texas, Tesla fans were extremely excited for the upcoming production run and this pre-order number shows.

Final estimates put some industry experts at 1.7 million Cybertruck pre-orders, a huge number to reach before the first production model is revealed, the vehicle was announced in 2019 and Elon then said that It will start production by 2021, without knowing that a deadly pandemic that will bring the world to a halt is on its way.

But once shipping lanes start to reopen and the world slowly returns to normal, the Tesla team is back with plans for production of Cyber Trucks. And with that work came some changes for the Cyber Truck, you don’t design a vehicle in 2019 and then let it sit for four years and Tesla’s investor day on March 1st showed off an entirely new method of manufacturing that They were doing everything they could to change the design of the vehicles.

So of course the Cyber Truck will also change and this brings us to the 15th with the first production model of the Cyber Truck, here it is important to note that Tesla still has a lot of work to do before they can fully start production Over time they will probably be able to maintain their schedule and organize a delivery event for the first few Cybertruck customers in late August or later.

But each of those vehicles will have to be carefully monitored as they are undergoing transition to the new manufacturing line and there may still be changes to both the design and the line to make production smoother, so let’s see what we can expect from the current Cyber.

Cybertruck Specs

Beware of the specifications those who currently have access to the data from Tesla’s site should still be considered accurate until we get updated figures as per Tesla the Cybertruck will still be available in three variants single motor dual motor and tri Will be available – the motor will come and it will be 250. The tri-motor version with 300 and 500-plus miles of range respectively will certainly be the most powerful of the packages available, capable of 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, but the single-motor package doesn’t It seems like there is a lot.

The slouch is capable of the same climb in 6.5 seconds regardless of package, all Cyber Truck variants have a respectable 16 inches of ground clearance and their adjustable air suspension system provides a 35 degree approach angle and 28 degree departure angle which means The Cyber Truck Hai will be a fairly capable off-road vehicle, with each version towing 3,500 pounds in a 100-cubic-foot bed, but each package will have different towing capabilities depending on their power.

The single motor will be capable of pulling 7,500 pounds and the motor charging the Tri-Cyber truck is capable of pulling 14,000 pounds, it will also be convenient as it is built to handle a 250 kW charging cable, although Tesla has stated that their The goal is to use the same megawatt charging station for the vehicle that the Tesla Semi uses, but more about that later. You might not want to skip this part and go with the battery capacity, the Cybertruck has a range of 110 volts and 220 volts. which features an onboard power outlet. equipment and other peripherals.

We also got some visual confirmation from a recent visit to the Peterson Automotive Museum in June that the Cybertruck is equipped with new hardware, thanks to FSD Tech, which was unveiled at the Investor Day event in March.

We got a closer look at the tonneau cover, originally planned to house a solar panel, but now at least we also got a good look at the Cybertruck’s interior thanks to the roll-up weather shield, due for a 2019 debut We didn’t hear much about it, its finish was a bit less harsh and angular than the original’s and now the truck has Tesla’s new circular yoke steering wheel plus it looks like we’re in the front row Lost the middle seat. A console but the new seats look quite comfortable, which must have been a compromise.

The team ultimately decided to go with some of the recently leaked frame photos we mentioned earlier, this also gives us some insight on two big points, the first being that the Vault truck bed is in the back, at least for now. There may not be a rear bulkhead separating the seats. To cut short, we more or less know that this was the case for the past few months, but recent images confirm that the Tesla has a complex rear bulkhead.

The other part is something we had no idea about but it comes as no surprise, looking at the front of the Cyber Trucks frame we can see that it is asymmetric which means only left hand drive versions of the vehicle only will be made. For the time being this may change in the next few months, but mirroring the front firewall will require some setup, so it seems likely that Tesla will start its run using the left hand drive versions and shortly thereafter the right hand drive.

While there was a rough idea of pricing when the Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019, Elon and the team made some guesses on the price targets they wanted to achieve which haven’t really changed despite the gap, with the single motor coming in at Rs 39,900. The dual motor will be priced at ₹49,900 and the tri-motor at ₹69,900. Good thing the only problem with all these specifications is that we haven’t received much confirmation from the Tesla crew regarding the specifications for quite some time now.

There are still many things on site that have been showcased, but we know from hints and discussions at Tesla events that there may be some changes that they haven’t announced yet and of course we got a lot of behind-the-scenes looks There are footage and leaks. Some of these have to be pieced together by analyzing the pictures. Look, we are moving towards our last stop.

Cybertruck Rumors

While discussing what’s coming for the Cyber Truck, let’s go back to the rumor we mentioned earlier that the Cyber Truck is capable of using the ultra fast one megawatt charging technology used by the Tesla Semi, it’s actually Not a rumor as he did. Come straight from Elon and other presenters at the Tesla Semi Delivery event in December of 2022, when they unveil V4 Supercharging technology, which allowed the Semi to charge at incredible speeds.

Elon immediately states that the Cyber Truck will be able to use it. Also since Tesla hasn’t updated their site with that information, it’s likely that Elon was either in a bit of a hurry with that announcement or he was referring to the fact that the Cybertruck will use the same technology Which allowed the Semi’s 1000 volt powertrain to charge at that speed, surely it would be amazing.

If the Cyber Truck will be able to charge at one megawatt, but given the changes at the company since the Semi’s delivery event, it appears that feature has been discontinued. Until Tesla gets Cyber Truck production up to a reliable pace, if it ever were to happen, the next rumor also comes from Elon, with the four motor version coming back in 2021.

Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla was going to update the vehicle’s design so that there would be a version with one motor on each wheel, ultra fast response torque control and the ability to drive diagonally using four-wheel steering And while it’s crab mode and the extra power of an extra motor would certainly have helped the Cyber Truck claim the off.

Looking at nothing more than the announcement of the Road Crown, Elon basically said that the four motor version would replace the tri-motor one and that apparently hasn’t happened yet, Elon is going to stick to whatever it throws at it. And we have to remember that at the end of 2021, when everyone was battling with the pandemic, plans to get the Cyber Truck into the hands of customers who had already pre-ordered it would have changed.

Although the quad motor variant is something that can be worked on later. Don’t overlook it for now, the Cyber Truck peripherals are also some of the things Tesla Team Elon and company fans have come up with for things like the Camper Tool Rack and of course the Cyber Quad ATV, we didn’t get to know much about these Is. Peripheral equipment and substantial add-ons are hardly a priority for some time before a vehicle goes into production.

But during the Investor Day event in March, presenters announced that CyberTruck had an official peripherals team, which had been designing CyberTruck gear internally, a move mostly necessary because the CyberTruck’s 48-volt power system was subject to some key partnerships. That’s pretty robust for most third-party gear without, but also because Tesla is trying to move more and more of its production needs in-house, so we might see some accessories.

Introduced alongside the original Truck in 2019, but shockingly, some of the most interesting rumors about a coloring book to come to light recently come from Gregor Truck, a Tesla watcher who has spent the past few years I’ve managed to find several great views. Usually he grabs things like parts or vehicle prototypes, this time he was apparently at a Tesla service center and saw this coloring book that claimed the Cyber Truck would have enough battery power to charge a Tesla.

Now this is especially interesting because at Investor Day, Drew Baglino, Tesla’s senior vice president of powertrain and energy engineering, confirmed that future models of Tesla vehicles will be equipped with bi-directional charging, meaning they can transfer electricity back and forth. Elon specifically confirmed this for Cyber Trucks in 2021 when he answered a question about the truck being able to support a customer’s home in the event of a power outage.

So it’s not so strange that Tesla would put this vanity in a coloring book in anticipation of the feature, now no word on whether or not the Cybertruck already has this capability, but it looks like a possibility. Not out of scope, but this brings us to the final point of the elephant in room pricing.

We don’t really know how expensive these vehicles will be in 2019. Tesla announced prices for their three variants ranging from forty thousand dollars to about seventy thousand dollars, but really not much has been said, thanks to Tesla. Trying to keep our single motor variant in that price range makes a lot of sense. They want to compete with companies like Ford who recently reduced the price of their F-150 Lightning to just under fifty thousand dollars, saying that a lot has changed since 2019.

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