Tim Cook Challenges Elon Musk & Tesla With a Big competitor.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has snubbed Tesla and Elon Musk with a major rival, why Cook snubbing Tesla and its CEO who is Tesla’s biggest rival and how Elon Musk has responded to the insult without any nonsense.

As Tim Cook stuns Tesla and Elon Musk with a major rival, one may wonder whether the two tech titans Cook and Musk should be seen as rivals, precisely the difference in their lines of work.

Apple is working on an EV under project titan Tim Cook Apple’s CEO has long been the target of Musk’s criticism, with us being treated like a tug-of-war between Cook and Musk in the latest development.

Cook snubs Elon Apple CEO Tim Cook has reignited rivalry Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk Along with Cook and Musk, the Mark Zuckerberg behemoth of social networking is one of the most famous faces of meta platform technology.

While Cook often feels that the modest Musk has cultivated his image of an omnipotent and powerful CEO. Two people own two well-known corporations. About Apple and its flagship product cell phone set The iPhone, Musk Tesla is the center of the automotive business today. Is.

When discussing electric automobiles it’s hard not to. The term Tesla is essentially electric automobile, both firms are also associated with innovation that makes them competitive and Musk has never hidden his desire to conquer the throne of innovation from himself.

World’s richest man admits he has overtaken apple maker Steve Jobs Tesla executives and billionaires haven’t stopped bashing apples in February not developed.

I’ve heard of apple products, there seems to be nothing to look at right in February Franz. Von Holzhausen told Spike’s car radio that he said everything appears to be a continuation of what they are doing, in terms of only a minor motivation to improve upon the same thing.

He said that Elon Musk had previously attacked Apple by criticizing the company’s App Store policies and use of cobalt and iPhone and Mac batteries, while calling the results.

Musk was questioned about Tesla’s intentions to expose its iconic supercharging network to other parties, Musk was also asked about Tesla’s supply chain during the call, which led him once again, according to CNBC. Inspired to bring apples.

Whereas the use of 100 cobalt tesla in apple battery is very less. Apple uses about 100 cobalt in its batteries and cell phones and laptops, but Tesla does not use cobalt in iron phosphate packs and almost none in nickel-based chemistry Musk sets on a weighted average basis.

We can use two percent cobalt than apples. 100 cobalt anyway so it’s not really a factor. Apple has already faced criticism and questions alleging the use of cobalt in a study published in 2019.

Responding to allegations that Apple aided and abets forced child labor in cobalt mines, Apple said that all cobalt refiners in its supply chain participate in third-party audits and any that fail or refuse.

Deleted Musk launched a direct attack on Apple in May, speaking out against a controversial allegation that the company that makes the iPad and Apple, which levies both in-app purchases and sales, was making money from businesses by selling their apps to customers. 30 cuts.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said via the App Store that his company’s mission is not to build a walled garden, but to help usher in the advent of sustainable energy Musk.

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