Timmy Trumpet plays live entrance music for Edwin Díaz says he’s ‘Mets fan for life’.

Diaz slammed the door on the Dodgers after being struck by lightning at Citi Field.

Usually the ninth inning begins at Citi Field, with Edwin Diaz’s close mates entering the trumpet sound of “Narco” by Australian musician Timmy Trumpet. The song has become a rallying cry for Mets loyalists throughout the 2022 season.

It was on full display again Wednesday night as Timmy Trumpet played Diaz’s entrance music live during their 2-1 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Diaz closed the door on the Dodgers just moments after entering the game as they retired the heart of their lineup.

I could feel the distinction Diaz told columnists after the game. Everyone was getting into it. It was really fun to watch.

Timmy Trumpet, whose real name is Timothy Smith, had never seen a Major League Baseball game in person before this week. Now he is engaged.

Yet, I can let you know that Smith said, “I can guarantee you, I’m authoritatively a Mets fan forever.

Narco, performed by Joe Smith and Dutch DJ Blasterjax, has become an anthem at Citi Field whenever Diaz enters the game. Before Diaz entered the game, stadium operators turned off the lights to prepare the fans for the sound of the trumpet.

Even when Diaz enters the game SNY refuses to go into the broadcast ad as they pan their cameras from the bullpen to their entrance.

It’s totally insane Smith said about Diaz’s affirmation. It’s inconceivably lowering and a gigantic honor that a top notch competitor is involving my melody as motivation to run on that pitch.

This guy is so professional that can do with any song. But I am very grateful to Mets supporters and anyone who is adding this track to their playlist and supporting Norco.

Smith tours the world as a musician, but is hoping to return to Citi Field at least once for a game this season.

Diaz is having one of the most outstanding times of his MLB profession. The Mets currently have a career-best 1.38 ERA and are fourth among the majors in 29 years.

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