Tommy Lee posted full-frontal nude pic while on a ‘motherf–king bender’.

One show claimed the gender image of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee “motherf-king bender the rock star”.

A few weeks ago we took a two-week break from touring, and I went on Mother-King Bender, Brother Lee said on stage during the group’s San Antonio Texas concert on Monday.

Earlier this month, Lee shocked her Instagram followers when she posted a full-face photo on her feed before quickly taking it down.

The musician was seen posing from the bathroom, he simply captioned the X-rated selfie.

Lee also issued a challenge for his fans, saying, “Usually I mean I’m a little boy, so I love watching titties, but tonight is equal opportunity night.” Tonight I want to see everyone’s D-K. Come on boys, pull your s-t out. Take out your f-king junk.

The request was met with both cheers and cheers, as the andro artist performed a concert.

He is ready to remove his DK. Show the whole world that mama-king hot dog star screamed.

The fans initially played along, he did not oblige. Wife says no, Lee asked before claiming divorce.

This wasn’t the first time Lee’s penis had become a star on its own. A sex tape made by a drummer with then-wife Pamela Anderson was leaked in 1995 after he refused to pay an electrician for work done at their mansion.

The story was rerun on Hulu’s Pam & Tommy with Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

Back in June, Lee was forced to sit in the second half of the Motley Fool crew’s first show stop in Atlanta, after breaking four ribs and playing the first half against his doctor’s orders.

We have all been waiting for this moment for years and with this show I have no way of missing it, said Lee.

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