TRUE: Elon Musk Drove Kathy Griffin Into Bankruptcy

When Kathy Griffin started a Twitter battle with Elon Musk, she didn’t understand the stakes involved. After losing her accounts, a lucrative contract with HBO, and her place at CNN’s New Year’s Eve party, she’s lost what little assets she has to file for bankruptcy.

The same story is floating on social media as well. Our fact-checking team dug deep into the matter and found that the story is not only true, but has come from an incredibly reliable source.

Griffin, unfortunately, won’t accept it. Our team hit a brick wall in trying to contact him and instead had to either search or invent public records to make his case. One such record clearly shows that Griffin filed for bankruptcy and is left with nothing but a railroad pension and a $41K cat tree that he built himself.

His car was withdrawn and replaced with a Vespa. The only art she was allowed to keep was a framed photo of her holding the head of Donald Trump, which was deemed worthless by the bankruptcy trustee.

So when we find that the story is true and the source is an amazing reporter whose journalistic integrity is unmatched in backdoor media, we cannot provide evidence without blaming innocent railroad workers or saying something negative about Musk or Trump . Which will surely sue us.

So we just report what we can and let the audience draw their own conclusions, as is the scientific norm in modern times.

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