Trump did not take action and did not want to do here 5 major points of hearing so far .

On the early night of January 6, after former President Donald Trump finally and reluctantly told the rioters to go home, after urging staff to do so after hours, he had the easiest one ingredient to mention. .

January 6, 2021 US The attack on the Capitol turned into the worst, seeing as it was burned down by British infantrymen in 1814. People were killed. Congress members ran for their lives. A gallows was erected for Pence. The Secret Service shops scrambled to say their final goodbyes.

The committee, during these 8 hearings, has built a case – more political than criminal – that Trump, who lies about the election and teases that he will run again in 2024, is not healthy enough to hold office. .

Here are 5 key points from the hearing so far:

1. Trump refused to ask the rioters to stay home for hours despite inciting them to do so – and it had an effect.

The committee had already determined that Trump had become aware that there were many in the crowd who had weapons, although he wanted them to be allowed to leave the metal detectors and allowed them in his speech on the Ellipse.

He became convinced by hook or crook that they were not there to hurt him.

In fact, while he eventually did, when it became clear that the rebellion would fail, he sympathized with them. It became the final straw for Sarah Matthews, a former deputy press secretary who testified on Thursday.

Even yesterday, in the outtake of his videotaped speech to supporters, Trump turned to growl on the fly, insisting: “I don’t want to mention the election’s over.”

The back line is that Trump knew what was happening, and could have agitated, but chose not to for hours. It took three hours and seven minutes for his speech to end, when he later put out a video asking the rioters to go home.

And there were consequences – violence and human and building damage, but also to America’s reputation around the region, testified Matthew Pottinger, a former deputy nationwide security adviser inside the Trump White House.

January 6, he said, “encouraging our enemies by helping them with ammunition to feed a story that the machine of our Presidency does not paint, that the United States is in decline.”

2. More political logic than legal logic.

The committee has made a strong case that Trump encouraged on January 6. The number of people who dealt with prices for his position that day also pointed a finger at the president.

Whether or not there is any hard, prosecutable evidence of Trump’s motive and coordination is far less clear. It’s quite suddenly that the first-hand conversations we’ve had with Trump are nearly as close to the previous president at those hearings as we’ve heard with so many witnesses.

3. It is difficult to push those witnesses aside.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it once again, it becomes more and more difficult for Trump loyalists to push with an ax to grind those witnesses as Republicans in Name Only, or RINOs.

These were the people who worked for and voted for Trump’s campaign, his White House, and a lot of them have happened.

Cheney attempted to redefine what is being said not as testimony but as a “collection of confessions” from people close to the former president.

4. For the individuals on the committee, it sometimes feels personal.

Others on the committee, however, appear eager to grind their axes. They appear the sharpest of the Blade Persons at their birthday celebrations, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., regularly holds his hand in care.

“I’m glad I’m going to be here in a year, because I’m surrounded by a bunch of kids,” Kizinger said in April. “I hope my birthday party can finally take care of that our Where is the foundation…”

Kizinger, who is retiring at the end of his congressional term, has been ostracized by members of his own birthday party and family and targeted through the former president. On several occasions, he has channeled that anger into these hearings.

Trump did not take action and did not want to do here 5 major points of hearing so far .

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