Twitter is set to impose even more restrictions after Elon Musk’s loss of billions.

Elon Musk is set to ban Twitter even after losing billions of dollars in the ongoing saga of Elon Musk’s controversial $44 billion Twitter takeover, Bloomberg recently reported after tweets from ultra-wealthy business tycoon and self-proclaimed chieftain. The latter tweeted a staggering $92 billion to get microblogging and social networking platform “B”.

What to do if a billionaire is pushed. Apparently some of the company’s top executives kicked out the glass doors of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters while several other Twitter employees weren’t even booted. It also devised a plan to start charging $8 per month for the checkmark, a symbol intended to let others know that the account is in fact an authentic one.

It is rumored that Musk has a more controversial plan for an online news and social networking site with Elon Musk considering putting Twitter behind a paywall.

Musk and his advisor David Sachs have discussed the possibility of implementing a plan in which the company charges most or all users a subscription fee to use the platform. Including offering a limited time on the site before the fee is charged.

While neither Musk nor Twitter Inc. have responded to rumors about an emerging paywall, many users have already expressed their views on the social networking site, hailing Twitter as one of the stupidest things behind a paywall. has been placed in. One that I’ve ever heard of and would kill it effectively would make it so easily inaccessible to so many people, especially those on low incomes.

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