Twitter’s next CEO will start when platform stabilizes likely by the end of 2023

Elon Musk’s critics will have to come to terms with the idea that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO will still be leading Twitter for the most part this year. Speaking at the World Government Summit, Musk said the end of 2023 is actually a “good time” to find a new Twitter CEO.

Musk leads several high-profile companies, and his acquisition of social media platform Twitter last year was a recent phenomenon. In this way, when he went to the World Government Culmination essentially, it was nothing unexpected that Musk was inquired as to whether he had proactively figured out where his situation as President of Twitter would be.

In his response, Musk said he wanted Twitter to stabilize first before making changes to the company’s top management. This makes a lot of sense, as it will give Musk some time to make sure the company is on solid footing before replacing its leadership.

Musk said, “I assume I really want to balance out the association and simply ensure it’s in a sound spot monetarily and that the item guide is plainly spread out,” and added that “perhaps this The year’s end would be a great time “to find another person to run the organization.

Musk likewise expressed that while his responsibility for web-based entertainment organization has been a rollercoaster of sorts, he accepts Twitter is as yet a unimaginably significant instrument for correspondence. This is valid for individuals everywhere.

Elon Musk has confirmed that he will not stay on as CEO of Twitter indefinitely. Back in December, Musk posted a poll on Twitter asking users of the social media platform whether they wanted him to step down as CEO of the company.

Musk had also said at the time that he would keep an eye on the results of the vote. Nearly 17.5 million accounts voted on the poll, with 57.5% supporting Musk stepping down as CEO of Twitter. Musk then stated that he would step down as CEO of Twitter “as soon as I find some idiot who can take the job!”

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