UFC 278 Usman vs Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scored a last minute knockout to win the welterweight title.

UFC 278 Usman vs Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scored a last minute knockout to win the welterweight title.

Kamaru Usman dominated the second, third, fourth and fifth rounds the most. He had beaten Leon Edwards to such an extent that Edwards’ corner was begging for any crime.

All that Usman had to do was coast for the final 56 seconds to retain his UFC welterweight title. Edwards then hits a kick that sends Usman straight onto the mat.

Round 1: Edwards hits a few leg kicks, then defends a takedown attempt. He then slips on an attack and Usman takes him to the canvas.

But Edwards gets up and with two minutes to go he makes a trip takedown across Mount Edwards and backs away and threatens to strangle Horn.

Round 2: Edwards claps his foot against the cage and the brief distraction allows Usman to deliver the punches. Usman keeps the pressure even after Edwards leaves leading to two takedowns. Edwards is starting to look a bit worn out.

Round 3: Usman resumes his chase. He gets the takedown in a minute. Edwards is right back up but Osman is on top of him. Edwards takes a few shots.

But Usman locks up again has another takedown and takes control. Then he is on the top, on the whole mountain. Edwards looks exhausted, and Osman is rolling.

Round 4: Edwards holds fast, handles a couple of strikes and is near a takedown. But Usman put up a good defense and turned the table and took a takedown in the middle of the round. Usman has complete control over Edwards.

There is a pause as referee Herb watches Dean Edwards grabbing the cage to get up from a takedown. Dean puts them back on the canvas, and he continues to procrastinate even after Edwards gets back up.

Round 5: Usman keeps chasing, and Edwards isn’t threatening. The challenger needs something bigger and it has nothing to do with Osman who is hovering.

Edwards takes a few shots but a short one. Then, just as it looked like Edwards was out of it, his left high kick dismissed Usman. and new.

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