USA and Elon Musk are finally revealing a new light speed engine that defies physics.

Elon Musk of the United States has finally revealed a new Lightspeed engine that defies physics. The highlight of the new Lightspeed engine is how it challenges physics lightspeed is detecting the engine. It is finally revealed that challenges physics from ancient stargazers to the dawn of modern astronomy.

When curious eyes survey the boundaries of the visible sky, many questions arise as to whether it is possible to obtain clusters of dots of light dotted in the night sky. But modern scientists know it’s a pipe dream until science explicitly refutes it. Elon Musk thinks it’s possible and NASA is buying the idea from SpaceX in collaboration with its ambitious CEO, Elon Musk. US space agency NASA Elon Musk is working on it and NASA is liking it.

SpaceX was not awarded the contract to build the Earth Moon Rock that would land a man on the Moon for the first time because the last successful trip for this particular mission was the True rocket used under the Starship rocket, designed and manufactured by the space company SpaceX. Glad to be one of the very few who have successfully served their purpose but have recently shown something which is absolutely extraordinary.

Scientists just tested a rocket propellant like you never heard of what would happen if rockets were powered by electricity they probably already imagined. There are mortars and rotors as potential thrusters but the matter is judged in a completely different phenomenon. Today’s rockets use methane as the primary source of electricity which is a considerable improvement over the older ones that used kerosene.

It is an indisputable fact that unless you have enough room to hold enough fuel. Things can get really messy. You know what it means to be stuck in the middle. Also this Fuel 8 must be pre-prepared and loaded into the rocket prior to launch. How much space needs to be created for the fuel tank of a rocket that consumes about 11,000 pounds of fuel per second, don’t you think it is a pipe dream to anticipate a successful journey beyond the solar system on such a rocket system .

But Elon Musk is hoping to change things with a new Lightspeed engine rocket that can travel as fast as light. Travels a million times faster than a shooting star and you’ll have a better understanding of what Elon Musk is trying to do, but he has guts because it was like the day when Elon and NASA scientists US The group was revealed. He has done. Considered revolutionary.

Rocket Engine Raptor Engine Starship Standing at a height of 120 meters above the surface, the tallest of all rockets made by man, it can withstand up to 500,000 pounds of thrust from its 33 Raptor engines. The Super Heavy rocket is in the final fine-tuning process for its maiden flight into orbit, but the Lightspeed rocket will not only be that big.

But will also be lighter because it has added compartments for fuel that make it taller and lighter with thrusters, this rocket applies slightly different physics that better understands the laws of science chemical rockets see how they work It is mainly based on Newton’s third law which describes motion.

Reaction forces are equal and opposite. Similar examples in rockets such as the Falcon 9 Space Shuttle and Starship use thrusters but have a force that sets a craft in motion by a propulsion mechanism in the air and in the rocket.

The currently used methane when ignited in the combustion chamber mixed with oxygen produces hot exhaust which is usually gaseous steam or water which is then passed through a nozzle to accelerate the flow. So an action force is created and there must be an equal and opposite force in the rocket.

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