Wahala for Twitter as Zuckerberg launches new rival app, Elon Musk responds

Twitter is being inconvenienced by Meta sending out a new anti-app string The parent organization of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, Meta has shut down the Twitter challenger application.

The new application, Strings, will be launched on Thursday, July 6, 2023, and will be linked to Instagram. Meta said the new application seeks to increase discussion about what’s happening today and what will happen tomorrow.

On Saturday, July 1st, 2023: After new Twitter uproar over yet another strategy announced by Elon Musk, Meta, the parent organization of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has sent out Strings, a new application to take on Twitter. A statement from the organization revealed that the new phase will begin on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

The impression that the new phase would be linked to Instagram improved shortly after the acrimonious battle between Zuckerberg, the Meta president and Twitter CTO, was agreed upon.

The new application is available for pre-request on the App Store and will be linked to Instagram. Meta describes New Stage as a text-based transformation application. The organization refers to the new item as a “text-based discussion application”. Meta said.

The number of Twitter followers is limited by the number of posts. Elon Musk on Saturday limited the amount of posts users can read on Twitter. Musk revealed in a tweet that the move is to handle information and situational control. Super Rich said that verified customers will get 6,000 posts per day, while unverified and new customers will be allowed to read 600 and 300 tweets individually.

Responding to a tweet about the new application, Strings, Musk said: “Thank God they run so rationally.”

As per reports, Strings is touted to be Instagram’s text-based discussion application and it allows users to follow and copy accounts with similar usernames on the photo-sharing platform. Meta will create independent virtual entertainment to compete with Twitter. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is considering a new independent web-based entertainment organization to compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter.

CNBC revealed that the move is intended to help Meta attract a portion of Twitter’s frustrated users looking for alternative steps after Musk took control of the site. The venture will build on Meta’s contribution beyond Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram and propel it forward in a Twitter-overwhelmed environment. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri is believed to be running the venture.

Elon Musk enjoyed a weekend that alienated Twitter users with a more rapid turnaround at the Web-based entertainment giant, and he faces another test as tech foe Imprint Zuckerberg launched a rival app this week . Launched. plan to send.


Zuckerberg’s Meta Group, which owns Facebook, recorded a new application in the store as “Strings, an Instagram application” available for pre-request in the US, with a message that it will be available this Thursday will be available. “is expected to.

In fact, the two men have had a long-standing feud, yet new comments from the Meta chief recommending that Twitter not be run “rationally” angered Musk, which ultimately led to the two got separated People got divided. Offered each other to fight amongst themselves.

Since buying Twitter for $44 billion last year, Musk has laid off large numbers of employees and charged customers $8 a month to keep blueprints and “check” accounts.

At the end of the week, they restricted the posts readers could see and announced that no one could see any tweets unless they were signed in, meaning external connections could never do anything. can not do. can not do. don’t work for

He said he expected to launch additional servers in response to interest as computerized reasoning (artificial intelligence) organizations scoured “outrageous levels” of information to build their models.

Still, pundits scoff at that idea and publicity experts say he has largely alienated both his customer base and the sponsors from whom he seeks to profit.

In another move that surprised customers, Twitter on Monday revealed that TweetDeck, an application that allows customers to screen certain records without a moment’s delay, will be available to verified accounts a month from now. Will happen. What will happen. will be limited.

John Wihbe, Academic Fellow for Media Development and Innovation at Northeastern College, told AFP that Musk’s dominance has prompted many people to leave Twitter for ethical reasons, though he also gave them a specific motivation to leave now.

In addition, he said that Musk’s decision to lay off a large number of employees means that it is normal for the site to be “virtually unusable” for some time.

Musk has said he needs to make Twitter less dependent on publicity and increase pay from membership.

However, they have recently chosen promotion specialist Linda Yacarino as their CEO, and have talked of “fighting hand-to-hand” to win back promoters.

Mike Proulx, vice president of statistical survey firm Forrester, said the uproar over the weekend was “absolutely awful” for both customers and campaigners.

He added that Twitter “has moved from stable to startup” and Yacarino, who remained sober until the end of the week, will struggle to re-establish his credibility, making it difficult for Twitter’s detractors to take any money from sponsors.

‘Part of the information was loose’

The specific reasons Musk cited for limiting the approach to customers quickly backfired.

Many online entertainment customers speculated that Musk basically neglected to cover his server bills.

French social information researcher Florent Lefebvre said that simulated intelligence companies were bound to base their models on books and media articles, which were “far less fortunate in quality, full of errors and poor in setting” than informal community material.

Yoel Roth, who stepped down as Twitter’s security chief after Musk was fired, said it was possible that information scraping caused performance issues, forcing customers to sign in .

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