Warren Buffett is likely to load up on cheap stocks as other investors panic in 2023, Elon Musk says

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says Warren Buffett is likely to go on a stock buying spree in 2023 Musk says investors may pounce on high quality companies Elon Musk on cheap stocks 2023 I doubt Warren says Buffett is going to buy a lot of stock next year, the CEO of Tesla SpaceX and Twitter said Thursday in a Twitter Spaces conversation with Whole Mars Catalog.

Musk said if a company’s fundamentals are very strong but then there are some short-term shocks in the market, then it is obviously a good time to buy the stock. specializes in investing in them for the duration. For instance, Berkshire spent just $1.3 billion for a $22 billion stake in American Express and $1.3 billion for Coca-Cola stock, which is valued at $25 billion today.

Indeed, even prepared financial backers have been known to bounce in during seasons of disturbance. They made rewarding arrangements with Goldman Sachs, General Electric and other sickly organizations during the monetary emergency. In addition, they’ve spent this year dealing with historic inflation, rising interest rates, and economic losses. Faced with fears of a recession, it spent a record $70 billion on stock and acquisitions.

Musk who fears a combination of higher rates and an economic downturn could affect auto demand and drag stocks down apparently believes the anxiety in the markets will create buying opportunities for Buffett. The Tesla boss has targeted Buffett before. He limited any association with Financial backer, saying in October that he constructs items as opposed to fabricates venture portfolios.

He also declared that he is not a big fan of investing, and finds his role at Berkshire extremely boring, studying company reports and allocating capital. Nevertheless, Musk has been cited by investors on earnings calls, while Buffett has praised Tesla’s unexpected success and hailed Musk as a remarkable figure.

The pair’s most famous clash occurred in 2018, when Musk rejected Buffett’s concept of a competitive moat around his companies. Elon can flip around things in certain areas. I don’t think he maintains that us should go into treats,” Buffett answered. Musk later fell flat to make a treats that was far superior than the opposition.

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