Hollywood stars accused of being hypocrites.

by kiran

19 August 2022

Image : Wikipedia

Kim Kardashian

Image : Enoline

The reality television star admitted to being a hypocrite for criticizing her older sister who had children.

 Bristol palin

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She was a former Spartan lawyer, and yet she became a mother at the age of 17.

Khloe Kardashian

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Despite posing for a PETA campaign in 2008, Kim's other sister Khloe, was also labeled a hypocrite when she was seen dressed in leather.

 Prince Harry

Image : Britannica

 Shahi has committed himself to helping endangered species, and yet he himself goes on the hunt.

Scarlett Johansson

Image :  Pinkvilla

The actress called out James Franco for being a hypocrite and then called herself a hypocrite.

Victoria Beckham

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Posh Spice caused some controversy when it emerged that she would not allow her daughter Harper to wear any of her former Spice Girls outfits.

 Kanye West

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West professes to be an advocate for the notion of free thought in its insane ruts, although it seems so when it is coming from him.