The Weirdest Celebrities in Hollywood.

by kiran

19 August 2022

Image :Fandom

Britney Spears

by kiran

19 August 2022

Image :Fandom

The Princess of Pop is also the Princess of Oops, constantly forgetting the names of people and places and putting it in a weird tone.

Taylor Swift

Image : Wikipedia

Dance fast to make the other hand feel awkward but add to that endless drama with your ex and slaves and it's like a car accident

Robert Pattinson

Image : Wikipedia

There's nothing more awkward than watching Pattinson answer questions about Twilight.

Michael Cera

Image : IMDb

Michael Cera is the quintessential weirdo, with soft-spoken and decently awkward posture and a sense of style.

Miley Cyrus

Image : Teen Vogue

Many actually compared Katy Perry's awkward moment on SNL to the twisted horrors of Miley Cyrus' cringe years, the nudity and feud with Nicki Minaj.

  Cardi B

Image :  Pinkvilla

 She's not afraid to tweet about her footer so there really are no lines for the rapper.

Kristen Stewart

Image :  Runway  Magazine

The smiling star looks uncomfortable everywhere but especially when the cameras are on.