What Elon Musk Said On The Existence Of Aliens And Life In The Universe

Elon Musk on Wednesday made a virtual appearance at the World Government Summit 2023 in Dubai where he addressed a range of topics including what’s happening to Tesla and Twitter and the existence of aliens. UAE Minister of Cabinet Affairs Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi, who moderated the session, spoke about the events surrounding the downing of an Unidentified Flying Craft (UFO) by the United States last week and asked whether Mr. Elon Musk.

The billionaire businessman laughed slightly before adding, “I don’t think it’s aliens, no.”

A Twitter client shared a conversation and expressed, “@ElonMusk on the presence of outsiders and life in the universe: “I figure we ought to be extremely cautious what this small candle in a tremendous obscurity could be.”

He further expressed that during his examination of room innovation, he had not seen outsider life, proof of extraterrestrial innovation, or any indications of extraterrestrial life. “Also, I think I’ll sort it out. You know, SpaceX… I don’t think anyone find out about space than me, or if nothing else about space innovation,” he said.


Having said that, he likewise said that the shortfall of outsider life in the universe is “actually something upsetting”.

What’s more, an exceptionally light little candle that can be effortlessly doused. Also, I figure we ought to be extremely cautious that this little What could be the flame?”

The Tesla President likewise answered the video and repeated what he said during the telephone call.

As per Bay News, around 20 heads of state, priests, Presidents, scholars and big names tended to the World Government Highest point held in Dubai from February 13-15 this year.

For the beyond couple of days, reports of unidentified items being shot down in the American and Canadian airspace have been standing out as truly newsworthy. A Chinese inflatable was the primary article shot somewhere near the US after reports arose that it was drifting in their airspace. Then, under seven days after the fact, a unidentified item was located off the shore of The Frozen North and killed once more. The White House representative had said about something similar, “We are calling it an article since that is the best portrayal we have at this moment.”

Then, at that point, a unidentified tube shaped object was noticed floating over Canadian airspace and destroyed. President Justin Trudeau declared this.

In the most recent turn of events, one more flying item was shot somewhere near a US warplane on Sunday. The article was seen floating over Lake Huron on the US-Canada line.

This large number of episodes are causing a ton of stress and security worry among the specialists. In any case, Tesla prime supporter Elon Musk says that nobody needs to stress over his ‘unfamiliar companions’.

Musk on her ‘unfamiliar companions’

In a tweet, Musk asked the US and Canada to ‘not stress’ in light of the fact that their unfamiliar companions, as seen as of late, are slowing down.

In another tweet, Musk made sense of how he trusts that one day we will all be outsiders and travel to different universes.

“Ideally, one day we will be outsiders visiting a different universe,” he composed, answering to a tweet making fun of Tesla’s Optimus bots and Musk.

This isn’t the first time Musk has communicated interest in quite a while and extraterrestrial life. Everybody realizes his remark on needing to ‘colonize Mars’. As of late, Microsoft prime supporter Bill Entryways likewise designated Musk, saying that he would like to make an immunization as opposed to going to Mars.

Charge Entryways attacks Musk

In a meeting with the BBC, Bill Entryways expressed, “Going to Mars is very costly. You can save $1,000 (£814) per individual and purchase the measles immunization and save a daily existence.” He added, “Thus [that] you’re grounded, as — don’t go to Mars.”

In a similar meeting, Bill Entryways likewise discussed Musk and his charitable work, despite the fact that the Twitter proprietor doesn’t call himself a giver.

Where are the aliens maybe they are among us if there are so many planets and the universe is about 14 billion years old why aren’t aliens everywhere this is one of the most intriguing questions where are they where do you think we will find aliens within the next 50 years It’s really hard to tell that they’re probably already watching us and we’re not smart enough to realize that there are either lots of aliens or none at all.

Somehow they are equally terrifying I mean if there are super intelligent aliens probably already watching us that would seem quite likely and we are not smart enough to realize it but I am a back of the envelope calculation could return something and any advanced alien civilization would be interested in populating the galaxy without exceeding the speed of light even if you could only move at 10 or 20 of the speed of light.

You could populate the whole galaxy in uh let’s say 10 million years maybe 20 million years max is nothing you can expect to get what can know in the grand scheme of things so aliens and i think it Carl Sagan was the one who said like uh there are either a lot of aliens or none and either way they are equally awful if there are a lot of aliens I mean the invasion ship destroyed uh bug infestation .

It might sound like an alien civilization to us okay like a bug infestation okay you know so here we are on that planet like it was okay now it has bugs just fogged up a group you know It’s definitely impossible about that kind of fogged house and then but if there are no aliens can it be that all civilizations will be destroyed before their arrival.

To the best of my knowledge there is no evidence for alien life like earth that is not alien and there is no evidence for alien life is there no direct evidence for alien life i mean we have archaeologists all over the world you looking at things you know take it like we get something like a one inch cube of titanium titanium thing it’s in the middle of the pyramid I think like aliens definitely there’s no way they’re titanium now Can make background.

The same thing holds on galactic time scales, with travel you can colonize the whole galaxy, even some neighboring galaxies, if you say a million years and no new physics, can you colonize the Milky Way? can cover in a million years I mean microbial life is very possible um it’s a lot then as you get more advanced life becomes less and less likely but you know what You think they’re aliens we can talk to you it’s an interesting combination of e don’t think life is intelligent life that evolves somewhere.

That life has to be co-evaluated at the same time. It takes a long time to last so it suggests that this is a big question like the Fermi Paradox where are the aliens like there are so many planets and the universe is about 14 billion years old so why aren’t aliens everywhere and this is one of them is this is one of the most troubling questions because um um you know you can basically cycle up to alpha centauri in a few hundred thousand years like i mean at bicycle speed so it’s like you know Are.

Like 100 million years too slow you can cover the whole galaxy why not where are they I’m sure it’s subtle I mean if they wanted we could obviously know so they definitely know from you are you walk down main street and okay okay I’m an alien check me out you know right uh my spaceship I just landed in the middle of times square what will i be okay or over the city Hover, yes, yes, we’re fine, we believe in you.

Whatever they’re very subtle, very subtle how often do you think about aliens it’s zero zero even if you’re thinking about traveling th e planet you don’t really think about aliens no I mean that if they appeared I would be very fine okay I know you don’t really know the Mars issue so if you say what’s really important is the preservation of civilization or life as we call it Only humanity knows because of course we brought life to Mars as we know it and there is no life that we can find on the surface.

So this would be an extension of life on another planet or life as we know it on another planet and I think there would be a big difference in the potential lifespan of human civilization and um and life as we know it so it’s a is sort of an insurance policy a life insurance policy of life collectively and um you know so it’s likely the window is open for us to expand life on other planets to the best of our knowledge life uh only earth but it is in existence.

There’s a good argument that it exists elsewhere. I think it’s important for us to take advantage of that window when it’s open and look at other parts of the Solar System. To establish life on planet earth if something goes wrong and you know it could be either natural or man made disaster which knocks down the level of technology where travel to another planet is possible yes it is weird That the universe appears to be 13.8 billion years old. This is four and a half billion years old earth.

In about half a billion years the Sun will expand and probably evaporate the oceans and make life on Earth impossible, meaning it will never evolve if it has the chance to evolve another 10 times. Been trying for a long time [MUSIC] And I wonder how many dead one planet civilizations there are in the universe that don’t make it to another planet and eventually extinguish themselves or get destroyed by external factors.

Mr. Musk said during his research of space technology, he had not seen alien life, evidence of alien technology, or any sign of alien life.


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