What Life In Elon Musk’s Trusted Mars Settlement Will Be Like

The Elon Musk company’s SpaceX has planted the seeds for life on Mars, but what exactly are we going to do when we get to the planet and what life on Mars will be like. Join us as we look at our options for living on Mars.

How Elon Musk Would Build It We saved the best for last so make sure you watch till the end of the video so the basic idea of ​​getting people and stuff to Mars is relatively simple and we say this only because Elon Musk and SpaceX Have already figured it out.

We’re taking the SpaceX Starship to travel from Earth to Mars, a giant stainless steel spaceship that can travel from a planet to space and back to Earth, only a small one to refuel it without damage Can travel with brakes.

This is a real game changer as no rocket has been successfully developed before that would act as a ferry between Earth and Mars, with the Starship 50 Tesla Model 3 carrying 100 tons of cargo.

When the vehicles are closest to orbit Earth and Mars every two years, the Starship fleet will make a seven-month trek between the two planets, the first voyage involving some ships to test the waters, but many after SpaceX. Chakras will start launching thousands.

The average temperature from Earth to Mars is negative about 60 °C, although at the peak of summer the equator of Mars can reach a maximum temperature of about 20 °C which is quite unreliable. The atmosphere of Mars is mainly composed of carbon dioxide.

Mars doesn’t have much to work with because of atmospheric gas, nothing to breathe, nothing on the surface to protect you from cosmic radiation, the sun preserves our life here on earth because our environment may be blocked.

Gives off all the harmful radiation that would kill us if we were exposed to the gravity of Mars, which is much less than that of Earth. Mars is much smaller than Earth so the gravitational pull is only a third as powerful, this is to our advantage as we will be severely weakening our human body after seven months of 2:13 weightless space flight.

These are also massive dust storms that can cover the entire planet. Dust will be a major concern on Mars. Wind would not be a problem on Mars under different conditions because the atmosphere is thinner than on Earth, even in a dust storm 100 km high, the wind would be about 60 km per hour.

hour it is the dust that will be a problem as it goes everywhere our equipment must be sealed carefully to prevent dust from seeping in and damaging things, keeping the solar panels clean will also be a big task, dust storm unpleasant But they won’t be as serious as the Mad Max part, where everything is destroyed.

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