What Serena Williams Means to You.

Serena Williams acted on her own terms and propelled herself to greatness in a sport that was off limits to black people.

It’s hard to say who is more powerful howitzer Serena Williams serves or the deep and powerful passion that stems from fans watching those shots, especially as outsiders in tennis.

This year’s US Open is Williams’ last professional tournament so we asked readers to share their personal memories and feelings of watching her play. There was no shortage of presentations.

In which fans describe their relationship with Serena and Venus, how the sisters inspire them to watch matches, travel to tournaments and even take up the sport themselves.

This relationship was especially powerful among Black fans, who referred to Serena Williams as our sister and our Wonder Woman as family.

She has been playing top-flight tennis globally for almost a quarter century.. In any case, her inheritance goes a long ways past what she did hidden therei n. It is also among the fans that he attracted to tennis and the enthusiasm he instilled in those watching his greatness.

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