When others want us to forget the darkness Elon Musk is helping us see it

Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk has fresh batteries in his flashlight By tweeting about far-fetched deep state generalities most people are already familiar with the multi-billionaire demonstrates he is a member of the general public when it comes to Begins to draw attention to special stories that are traditionally kept secret by nefarious individuals.

Things get very interesting after those same nefarious players want to project their own warped philosophies and techniques onto the intentions of others.

This week in particular Musk tapped into the deep state with a very revealing and creepy shot featuring none other than Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Notorious child trafficker with whom some have speculated that Musk himself is connected.

First though, a little background information. NBC’s Mehdi Hassan, in a tweet on Monday, described Musk as a shy and low-key billionaire who accidentally acquired one of the most important messaging machines and turned it into a far-flung one.

Mehdi Hasan, NBC, and the rest of the mainstream media together constitute a mighty beast that serves as the primary megaphone of the deep state in the United States. The neo-Nazi group “Each One of Us, As Amazing Hasan” So beautifully refers to the independent, freedom-loving Americans.

is well aware of this and has known about it for a long time although they identify us as Nazis. This is a typical form of projection: they label us what they themselves are and what they do. On the other hand He’s the kind of player who wants to summon every snake in the grass and he’s now on top of Twitter. To light up every dark corner. Hassan and NBC were among those who attended.

Another tweet from this “petulent and less-than-brilliant billionaire” said the statements were “from the same organization that covered the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, took the Harvey Weinstein story and buried it, and Matt Lauer’s Xi.” Raped in her office Wonder Man responded to a third Twitter user who pointed out how quickly the mainstream media had gone silent on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Musk decided to highlight an ongoing story that was being called crying tears while millions of children were not crying out for justice, still crying loudly and in pain: their ‘subscriber’ list Where?” Musk asked. Isn’t it necessary that at least one of them be killed?”

This “client list”, as many people know it, includes some of the most well-known and respected household names in America and around the world. Justice is still on the horizon. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is thus downplaying the challenge, and in doing so, blatantly exposing one of the most heinous crimes against mankind, child trafficking, which has been going on for weeks.

This was the reason why he bought Twitter. They bought Twitter to help us be seen. To help us remember. To serve as a reminder to us Americans that there is still a battle to be won.

It is true that mainstream media continues to give the American people what it wants, when it wants it, and how it wants it in order to further a certain narrative. They do this to distract attention from themselves, to impress others and to control their mind. This is not a new phenomenon.

For years, they have suppressed the most important news that could expose their own bad actors in a worse light than ever. This is something the Hunter Bidens, Harvey Weinstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are well aware of. This country has been a den of evil for many decades.

Meanwhile, now that there is an official voice pointing out the suppressed truths that is attempting to wake up the average American to some of these malicious players and practices, it is the Mehdi Hassans of the world and NBC who are the purveyors. , Want to hint and discredit “the one”. Petulant, “not-so-smart billionaires” who are shedding light on the dark alleys in which they are hiding.

The basic reality of the problem is that it won’t work, period. At long last, cable news ratings are in decline, and millions of Americans are waking up. Many people are now aware of at least some reality and will not be deceived in the future. There’s an ancient saying that says, “Show me a man’s adversary, and I’ll show you a man myself.”

Apparently, this is true for both Donald Trump and Elon Musk, because the more he comes out against deep state actors, the more we should pay attention to what he’s saying, even if it means calling off Seek and Talk. should delve even deeper into why Musk was pictured with Maxwell in 2014, as we recently discovered.

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