While San Francisco Declares War On Elon Musk Over Beds He Wants To Know ‘What About All That Fentanyl?’

The San Francisco government is ready for action Paleo Civil’s not cleaning up the cracks and dirt roads They’re going after Elon Musk to provide beds for his employees Elon thinks the government should focus more on Fentanyl which is killing children Consider which one feels right to you when you travel.

San Francisco building inspectors are investigating reports on Twitter that the company converted vacant office space into sleeping quarters. If the employees are working overnight, Musk provides them with beds. Apparently nap pods are fine, but Twitter HQ is not the zone for mattresses and potted plants.

Fun thing about San Francisco? While the government is concerned about how it looks inside the office building, it is what it looks like outside. The difference is that Elon Musk opposes the progressive worldview and therefore needs to be taken down somehow. The streets of San Francisco are the result of a progressive worldview as well as fertile ground for ballot harvesting, so the government doesn’t care much about it.

It is a matter of priorities. While San Francisco Mayor London Breed thinks going after Elon Musk is a priority, Musk believes going after the fentanyl that killed ten-month-old babies should be a priority.

It’s actually the 10-month-old’s fault that she overdosed on fentanyl. If the child had listened to this man who could also be found on the streets of San Francisco, the child would have known how to reduce it to a more reasonable amount.

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