Whoopi Goldberg Blames Winter Storm On Elon Musk

Whoopi Goldberg is in the news again It’s been a long time since she said something ridiculous So she was due Elon Musk is directly responsible for the winter storm that killed a huge swath of America according to the queen of silly conspiracy theories Turned into an ice cube almost overnight. He has all these companies and he messes with outer space and now he’s a Republican too.

For you leftist patriots they just come up with things that sound good whether it is true or not science doesn’t matter. Elon is against windmills and solar power because apparently that’s what actually causes this weird weather, plus they kill bald eagles.

Anything that drives away the bird of the nation even though it is considered a worm in Leviticus and insults God must be an evil machine of the Left. Musk said we should be focusing on how to drill more oil and save the Bald Eagles but instead we are worried about Whoopi Goldberg Musk is considering filing a defamation suit against her.

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