Whoopi Goldberg Blasted Over Lies About Elon Musk & Tesla After Twitter Purchase

Whoopi Goldberg lied about Elon Musk and Tesla after Twitter buyout Whoopi Goldberg literally has the best job on the planet telling silly fiction about 100 times wrong and of course getting rich now everyone is talking about it Can agree that Sister Act was a movie but other than that don’t think Whoopi Goldberg ever contributed anything to cultural epistemology.

Which can be remembered except for one of his most hilarious recent blunders where he decided he knew the event that caused ww2 wasn’t race and when he complained people called him an elitist and said It was basically accurate because Whoopi Goldberg Bara with actual knowledge was a racist idiot.

There’s a pot that the mainstream media or their garbage views and we saw it again today the narrative is clear okay now we have to criticize Elon Musk we’ve found a way to criticize Elon Musk so Whoopi Goldberg today This Morning Decided To Admit She Drives A Tesla But Instead Of Buying Nine Percent Of Twitter, She Should Give A Shoutout To Elon Musk.

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It’s like Whoopi Goldberg calls out racism Hollywood star elite and it’s like a week ago my friends five days ago five one two three four five five days ago Whoopi Goldberg wins star-studded Oscars audience defends Chris Rock When he calls her a Hollywood-type hypocrite and berates her for saying such a thing, calling Kloss a racist actress. She later comes back on her secret and says that Big H was actually racist.

Came to the rescue of her celebrity colleagues on Thursday when she criticized the Will Smith and Shrink My Stuff incident on stage Guest View co-host Tara Setmeyer isn’t known for being deterred by harsh audience reaction.

A conservative and then she has three uber libels in what seems like a fair fight. Goldberg serves as governor of the Academy’s acting branch and won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1991 for Ghost the Movie I’m One of Those People Whom I have to stop you I just want to stop with all these quotes elite stuff many of us work for a living he insisted while some are making millions of dollars.

Everyone in the film industry except Whoopi Goldberg no people again not saying elite people not saying Ghaffar and people talking craft service elite people calling you uh unpaid intern no elite no they call you Whoopi Goldberg have been elite if they are talking look at it this way seat elite at the oscars everyone stood up for will smith after 15 minutes he slapped someone he was elitist so he criticized that standing in a room there is a group of people.

Which is one hundred percent correct and it really bothers me when people start talking about people working in hollywood not only actors but also other people no no no no no no no no no Whoopi Goldberg No one is talking about hourly wages The people who get your triple fat non-fat mocha latte That’s not what people are talking about doing.

There’s an oligarchy that it’s definitely a stereotype, but not a stereotype Half Rites usually contain some degree of truth Elon Musk’s Twitter target Tesla responds to stock buy liberal co-host call Tesla K Street Musk to invest in Roadside Assistance program said it could afford Twitter stock buyout Except Twitter roadside service it has 24 hour free roadside assistance program but it’s completely dull solicitation no help they email you send.

I have a test Don’t you think you know all the Hollywood elite are talking about it? talking about how they own Tesla it’s really about Elon Musk being wicked don’t you criticize doesn’t carry as much weight as you probably think because there’s another member on stage who Says he has a Tesla and he’s crazy no spare tire listen.

Tesla’s is easily researchable Fully Funded Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day. Got Christmas 365 days a week Got Easter Kwanzaa You can get your roadside assistance in North America Canada Mexico All over the planet Lithuania Live in bum they got you Luxembourg Gotcha Switzerland Slovenia Hungary Estonia Everywhere you want to be Hey you Jordan yo Live need some roadside assistance because you live in UAE.

Need to say to elon musk that investing these extensive twitter is a bad thing also i see all these idiots getting money like elon musk invented twitter every american a Can give million dollars it is not their responsibility are you kidding me with this communist socialist garbage ok Elon Musk if you want to give definitely will not give you a dime.

They can’t live their products without buying an electric car because you’re not burning gas the right way and you’re polluting the environment not helping the environment to drive Tesla and I own a Tesla and I’m giving you oil And im telling everything that goes into making a tesla what do you think they make tesla jealous of our coal thats why we own tesla.

It’s the fastest production car and if you buy a Tesla and you’re really fine if you’re thinking you’re saving the planet and maybe you know if our government invests in nuclear power we talk about whether we’re not burning enough coal to fuel our energy grid or if our government invests more in solar power okay but if you buy a tesla right now and drive , if you are running.

That’s Olympic-level vitality, so if you could press a button, you could think of about 90 cars. yeah yeah and most cars you have a donut tesla don’t you have to spare the tire no tire oh god wow this is the kind of thing everybody knows it’s going to buy everybody knows it’s an issue when they thing Why buy now because Elon Musk is trying to buy ten percent of Twitter idiots.

Tesla I have a Tesla but oh [MUSIC] Elon Musk gives me free roadside assistance even though he doesn’t give me a spare tire in the car when I first bought it I admit I went because I Extra trunk space wanted Oh I’m 75 years old and I haven’t changed a tire in my entire life I haven’t changed a tire but oh most people who drive a Tesla have never changed a tire.

They don’t need to change the tire it doesn’t need to be changed which tire they don’t change i mean the leg stretch of a laugh no spare tire you’re crazy i look like a problem elon twitter Bought a piece I tweeted you from here Whoopi said please take some of your money and go to roadside assistance I don’t need to see the signal It’s unlikely whatever roadside assistance button you have in your Buick Will work anyway you knew this when you bought the car.



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