Whoopi Goldberg mocks Elon Musk for leaving Twitter

Whoopi Goldberg mocks Elon Musk for leaving Twitter Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and messed it up He’s already called back some of the employees he fired a few days ago they verified blue checks Was doing or was charging you eight dollars before it’s going to be twenty dollars now it’s going to be eight dollars.

They suspended Kathy Griffin for impersonating herself on a parody account that started a free copy hashtag for Trent because I think you know some kind of view got blocked.

Now they’re back and I’m just about to head out and if it calms down and I feel more comfortable then maybe I’ll be back but tonight I did well out there Whoopi Goldberg Twitter Tesla founder Elon Musk to announce his exit Wali is the latest celebrity.

It is clear that it wants to ensure that users are given the right to free speech but with that comes criticism that leads to further division on what people should be allowed to say, as Goldberg said on social media. The announcement of his exit from the media platform has turned the tide.

He said that certain kinds of viewpoints that would have previously been blocked on the platform are now allowed to be able to say what they want. But this whole controversy with Twitter has been going on for years. It’s happened that the left controls it and the right censors. Elon Musk himself has declared over and over again that he’s always considered himself a Democrat, but voters this year The first is Whoopi Goldberg left Twitter because Elon Musk urged people to vote Republican in the midterm elections but Twitter seems to be making a platform for everyone.

Really a lot of people are phased out one person was glad they left who cares well these celebrities are so self important ridiculous another person wrote call me when the tamasha is over or else e bye This place just keeps getting better and better.

Although Elon Musk’s first week as boss didn’t go down too smoothly with members of Hollywood or political figures, he’s already had another one with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and comedian Kathy Griffin. Engaged in public quarrels.

After her account was deleted over the weekend because she was impersonating Elon Musk, she tweeted from her late mother’s account, again using Elon’s Twitter picture from Maggie Griffin’s account. Tried To Impersonate The Owner, She Texted Elon This Is Maggie Contacting You The Spirit World Is Telling You You Are A Douchebag This Is Not A Parody This Is Kathy Griffin’s Boxing Wine Loving Mother Elon Musk Have addressed all this by tweeting.

Any future impersonating Twitter handles without explicitly mentioning the parody will be permanently suspended, celebrities Whoopi Goldberg singer Sara Bareilles wrote last week that “well this is funny Twitter this is one for someone Safe place and not a social platform that will do more good than harm.

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