“Why I Fire Every Day People ” – Elon Musk

The ability to attract and inspire great people is critical to the success of a company. The purpose of a company is we also always forget this primary truth .

so when i interview someone my interview question is always the same just i said let me know the story of your life and the decisions you have taken along the way.

Why have you made them good, you have to try something new and you have to do different things. There has to be a tighter feedback loop on innovation and one thing that I think makes SpaceX’s advantageous way of operating is that the engineering team and the production team are in the same facility.

There is good communication back and forth so that engineers see they have designed something that is difficult to build and they can quickly adjust their design to make it easier to vote.

The speed at which we are able to do new versions of rockets is very fast so innovation is just important to improve things, you know we are less interested if it’s like a paper oriented uh role that they have.

You know we at SpaceX try to nail it down so did they really tackle the hard problems and overcome them and of course you want to make sure if there was a significant achievement were they really responsible Were.

Someone else was more responsible and usually the person who has to deal with the problem really understands it. You know if it was too difficult so you can ask them a very detailed question about it.

They will know the answer whereas the person who was not really responsible for that achievement will not know in detail, no need of even a college degree or even high school.

If someone can graduate from a great university it can actually be a sign that they will be capable of great things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know it’s just looking for evidence of extraordinary ability.

If there is a track record of extraordinary achievement, it is likely that it will continue into the future. I sincerely believe that it feels more than anything else, setting the expectation for innovation.

The compensation structure should reflect that there should also be an allowance for failure because if you are trying something new then it is some chance.

will not work so if you punish people too much for failure they will react accordingly and the innovation you get will be very incremental.

no one is going to try something bold or out of fear of being punished in any way so there has to be a risk reward must be balanced and uh favor taking the bold step otherwise uh won’t i guess .

In general if you want to recruit PO please that you are really talented and motivated you have to tell what is the mission, what is the problem which we are trying to solve.

Clearly you know there’s a lot of blood to sweat and tears and a solid argument for why it matters. You know you’ll see that there are three main things that matter to you in terms of motivation.

It is as if the first thing one should look forward to come to work in the morning is if they like then are they enjoying the work which is intrinsically very important.

There’s a big difference, I think ideally, that they also feel like their rewards will get um fair financial compensation as they are. You know financial rewards are good unfair.


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