Zuckerberg vs Musk: Facebook CEO responds to Elon Musk’s plans to buy social media giant

Elon Musk recently warned Mark Zuckerberg that enough is enough. Musk and Zuckerberg have been engaged in a battle against each other for quite some time now, it looks like the battle has taken a new turn when Musk Elon Musk dominates once again as Zuckerberg takes over Zuckerberg’s most popular platform Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerberg can only imagine what will happen next Will Zuckerberg hate Musk more than ever or does Musk have the upper hand.

Mark Zuckerberg still controls 14th place Entities Zuckerberg and Musk were previously considered little due to their differing interests in virtual and physical technologies, however Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter Battle with Twitter is now Zuckerberg’s own The turf is being fought and it all started in 2016 when they clashed. On such a scale, SpaceX was preparing to launch a giant rocket planned to carry the $200 million satellite.

It was the first joint venture between two billionaires and the firm was founded by Zuckerberg. A rocket was sponsored that would be responsible for sending the communications satellite into orbit, however it did not take off at all, the rocket was unable to take off as the satellite caught fire just before launch and the rocket was flown by SpaceX. Spoiled, big damage done. Musk’s frustration over losing a rocket in the 2015 crash made things worse, while Zuckerberg was furious and took to Facebook to show his dismay.

Zuckerberg didn’t expect Elon Musk to do this. That he would destroy them in a classic way at a time when Elon Musk still didn’t have Twitter. He gave an interview in which he predicted that Mark Zuckerberg would retain control of Meta for a long time. At the TED conference in Colombia, Chris Anderson is interviewed about his latest bid to acquire Twitter. The interviewer asked whether Musk’s status as the world’s richest man and one of the platform’s best-known influencers is a conflict of interest.

Musk took advantage of the opportunity to criticize Zuckerberg. During his talk, Musk remarked that as for the immediate kind of ownership, I mean you have it. Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and with an ownership structure where Mark Zuckerberg the 14th was still managing those organizations, was met with laughter and cheers from the crowd, you can’t do that on Twitter. Be aware that Zuckerberg’s remarks to Musk may be an allegory for future generations or a reference to King Louis XIV himself.

Joe was the longest-reigning monarch of France other than Musk Zuckerberg’s Meta, whose parent corporation held power for more than seven years. The decade is Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. No one can deny that Mark Zuckerberg has absolute power over the other shareholders when it comes to the 55 percent vote on Facebook’s future management. Facebook’s dual-class stock structure has Mark Zuckerberg in commanding lead when it comes to decision-making. The ability to hand-pick the company’s leadership team and board of directors allows each individual to hold a share of super voting privileges.

Other stock owners can exercise only one vote for each share they own 10. Tesla is not a dual-class stock but Musk still has a lot of power in the firm as he owns 17 percent of the electric vehicle maker. Musk is the company’s major shareholder, although Tesla holds a similar amount. Meta did not have as much control under Zuckerberg’s reign, requiring a third vote of Tesla shareholders to adopt major changes under Tesla’s two highest-voting procedures, increasing Musk’s importance at the firm.

The billionaire said that if he were to successfully buy Twitter, he would restructure the firm in a way that would eliminate any perceived conflict of interest. For example, the platform’s code may be open to the public. Musk said that from the tweets that are being edited, you will be able to tell if something was done to help promote the demo or it was being edited for some reason. was harmed in any way, their bid to buy Twitter had nothing to do with the business model.

According to Musk, as well as seem to criticize Meta’s moderating process for handling Code 19. sides of the political spectrum if it allows in the countries where the platform operates. While Kasturi believes that it is in the best interest of the company to lean toward allowing information to spread, I am not suggesting that I have all the solutions but I do believe that we should be extremely hesitant to remove things and make permanent Must be careful with form. He says I ban them for a long time. I say well.

Musk and Zuckerberg are known to have been locking horns for some time, with Zuckerberg releasing a statement in 2016 expressing his disappointment at SpaceX. Musk blasted Facebook for the way it handled events in the capital on January 6, 2021, after deleting a Facebook profile he claimed the company had bequeathed to him for the most recent time.

The city that came under attack after Elon Musk signed a $44 billion contract to acquire Facebook was reminded that it had to protect Twitter users from malicious information like the social media giant, which has been criticized by human rights organizations. The billionaire’s ambitions to loose material are related. The rules could lead to an increase in the dissemination of bullying and false information online, according to a representative for Boris Johnson, calling for the same standard of accountability across all social media sites.

The European Commission also sent a warning to Musk that he must ensure the safety of his customers. Commissioner for Internal Market Principle Breton issues warning to companies operating in Europe, regardless of their holdings, be it autos or social media The EU has announced that its new internet laws will have a major impact on digital markets Will have to This means that there needs to be a high degree of openness for these recommendations and ads to be successful, for example for Zuckerberg if Musk is to take on Twitter.

So this will be a big headache for many people who previously worked on the administration of the company when Tim Dorsey was Twitter CEO. Ivan Musk responded by denying a claim and saying that employees now have the opportunity to use their creativity and hard work. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has often criticized Facebook for not having an account there. This makes it possible that Musk could set up a Twitter account for each of his businesses when WhatsApp co-founder Brian Action tweeted that it was time to deactivate the hashtag Facebook.

A major backlash around the whole Facebook scandal was Musk’s strange response to Facebook, even when Musk was asked by a fan if he was using it on his own. In response to a tweet sent out that SpaceX would deactivate the Facebook page, to which Musk replied that I didn’t know Tesla’s Facebook profile had been discovered when another fan pointed out both SpaceX and Tesla. He even had one after the Facebook sites were taken down, with Musk commenting that they looked kind of lame.

Yet Musk soon clarified that this was not a political comment, but an expression of his discomfort with Facebook. But at this point we can all see how it was distributed to Elon shortly after the attack on the capital of the United States, it’s called the Domino Effect in Musk, in which Musk tweeted a picture of a domino that First appeared on the website to rate women. The college was labeled as a reference to Facebook.

The final domino fell with the rioters on the night of the incident at Harvard University. He slammed Facebook whenever he could and this was only the beginning of the past. Elon Musk slammed Facebook’s data sharing policies following the revelations of Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Has expressed his displeasure over the fact that it would start forcing users to share their personal data with Facebook, he has also posted memes about Facebook on Twitter.

Facebook Chief Answers Elon Musk’s Arrangement to Purchase Web-based Entertainment Goliath Meta Stages Zuckerberg’s online entertainment realm is supposedly wanting to send off an organization to rival Tesla President’s Twitter.

Elon Musk and Imprint Zuckerberg are not companions It is widely known that they have a cold relationship. Musk is never modest about calling Zuckerberg a ruler. He was likewise nicknamed “Zacque the Fourteenth” in a clear implication to the French lord Louis XIV, who was popular for his pride and abundance.

Since October 27 and Musk’s $44 billion obtaining of Twitter, the two men have been vieing for publicist dollars and the consideration of shoppers, and particularly powerhouses.

Twitter is a contender to Instagram and Facebook, which draws in additional sponsors than the microblogging site. However, Musk has chosen to find different wellsprings of income for Twitter 2.0.

Last November, it patched up Blue, the stage’s membership administration, by including blue identifications to confirm account personality. The move permitted Musk to raise the month to month cost of Blu to $7.99 and $11 for iPhone proprietors.

Confronted with declining promoting income, Zuckerberg as of late duplicated the drive by sending off Meta Confirmed, a help that allows clients the opportunity to check their Facebook and Instagram accounts, to guarantee no fakers. Is. Is. Or on the other hand the savage doesn’t mimic them.

Confirmed accounts have a blue identification. The assistance costs $11.99 each month for clients who buy in on the web and $14.99 each month for those utilizing Apple’s iOS working framework.

It appears Zuckerberg needs to go much further. Twitter is building a decentralized, text-based informal community to contend straightforwardly with Moneycontrol and Platformer Reports. The undertaking is still in the underlying stage. The web-based entertainment monster views the stage as gaining practical experience in text, very much like Instagram does with photographs.

Meta didn’t answer a solicitation for input. Yet, the organization told other media sources that: “We are investigating an independent decentralized informal community for sharing text refreshes.”

The undertaking, whose day for kickoff is obscure, is codenamed P92 and is being helmed by Adam Mosseri, who runs Instagram. According to reports, Instagram clients will actually want to get to this new informal organization by signing in with their Instagram login and secret word.

Zuckerberg needs to speak to individuals discontent with Musk’s heading of Twitter. Tesla (TSLA) President – GET THE FREE REPORT He has chosen to make the stage a stronghold of moderates, whom he said are being derided under Twitter 1.0. For instance, Musk’s Twitter has no happy administration strategy: any tweet is satisfactory the same length as it doesn’t disregard the law.


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