Zuckerberg’s Fact-Checkers Say Elon Musk Is Lying About Jan 6th Footage Musk Destroys Them With 7 Words

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, asked in just seven words, but who are you going to believe? Instagram ‘fact-checkers’ or your own lying eyes!? Musk continued.

Surveillance video footage clearly shows Capitol Police opening the doors for Jacob Chancelle, also known as Q’on Shaman, and calmly thanking them while walking alongside officers as Chancelle.

Despite the video evidence, Mark Zuckerberg’s official fact-checkers on Facebook and Instagram are claiming that the police-aid controversy with Chancelle is false.


“Free Jacob Chanceley,” Musk said. Chanceley to 4 years in prison for non-violent police-identity seizure” Dave Chappelle was violently attacked on stage by a man with a knife. The man received a $3000 fine and no jail time Musk continued.

However, who are you going to acknowledge, the Instagram “reality checkers” or your own lying eyes! Many individuals have responded to the arrival of the January 6 film by Fox News have Exhaust Carlson, including President Donald Trump, Elon Musk and others.

Musk has called for the release of Jacob Chancelle from prison after he was seen on surveillance video acting as a “tour guide” for police.


I figure it will have reality looked at, despite how I’m truth checking what others are alluding to is done BS, we genuinely need some objectivity ‘in fact checking’.”

Musk finished up, “Chancelle was dishonestly depicted in the media as a brutal criminal who attempted to oust the state and who encouraged others to perpetrate savagery.”

What’s more, the subsequent video shows him strolling tranquilly into the Legislative center structure, being accompanied by officials and afterward expressing gratitude toward the officials,” he said.


Visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk and Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg were on social media this week in a debate over artificial intelligence that has turned personal between the two technology giants.

Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX and other ventures, claimed today that Zuckerberg’s knowledge of artificial intelligence was “limited”, two days after the Facebook founder branded “naysayers” “irresponsible”.

The debate underscored the rift in the tech community over whether new technologies capable of creating intelligent machines such as robots and self-driving cars would be a blessing or a curse for humanity.

Musk has long warned about the possibility of machines becoming so smart that humans are on par with pets, while Zuckerberg has touted the potential for artificial intelligence to improve lives.

“But here he is urging people to be peaceful and go home. And the other video shows him calmly walking in the Capitol building, being escorted by officers and then thanking the officers,” he added.







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